Sunday, June 1, 2008

I am a blessed woman

God must have known I would need amazing friends...because He has given me some top notch ones! Last night we had a farewell for a amazing woman who has become a part of our hearts and it was good to get together with those who God has blessed you with and just laugh and share.

One of my regrets of living the military lifestyle is the fact that friends come into your life and then Uncle Sam sends them away...however that regret is also one of my favorite parts of military life. Now, when we travel to the mainland we have so many people to visit. My husband cannot wait until he retires and all the kids move out. He wants to travel to all the churches that are under our main church and visit. He spent 7 months grobacheloring it in Washington state and drove two hours each way every Sunday to visit our church there....loved being with family of only on Sunday's.

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