Friday, July 31, 2009

Monday, July 27, 2009

I'm Alive:)

As you can see I finally have made time to get Britts graduation pictures uploaded. June 6th has came and went...and we all survived!

My parents had a nice relaxing visit, my Dad did end up spraining his ankle, at the stadium for Britt's Grad. So he spent the last couple of days on Brittany's crutches. But it was good having them here.

Soon after my parents left, we jumped right into our yearly Vacation Bible School preparations...even Rick went all out:) We had 76 volunteers and 99 children.
It was an amazing time of fellowship where God was lifted up. Forty-five children gave their lives to Christ on Thursday evening!

Unfortunately half way through the week this icky virus started sweeping through. My whole family ended up with it...except Brittany of course because she was not risking missing her trip to Virginia. We had it so bad we did not get dressed all of 4th of July weekend....we just showered and put clean pj's on:)

Next came Brittany's Grad/Birthday party..yes she turned 18 on me...and yes there were more tears:) But we had a nice party at the pool and she enjoyed herself. She left the next day for Virginia to spend time with her other family.....The Browns:)

Zachary has also started playing Flag football. He is pretty good and spends most of his time trying to convince us to let him play tackle....the jury is still out on that one! So we spend our Sunday afternoons at the football field:)

Becca is anxiously awaiting the beginning of her freshman year, and enjoying dance and cheerleading.

Joshua is still going to football practice everyday and his diligence has paid off, he will be playing first string wide receiver....this has me a little nervous, but I will leave him in God's hands.

I have a new job...I just have no idea when I will start:) I will be a Training Curriculum Specialist for the Army at one of their CDC's. I am really excited. I love training and mentoring...and now I will be getting paid to do it all day long:) I will miss PATCH and the staff there but I am grateful for the opportunity God is giving me to use the gifts and talents He has given me!

Drum roll pleassssseeeeeee....Wednesday Rick will re-enlist and then check off the boat, drive back to subase and check in at SUBPAC. I will tell you that this past three years of sea duty have been the longest of my life and when I say I thank God that we made it through them I say it with all sincerity and a multitude of gratitude!

Thankfully, the raise I get from my new position will make up for the fond farewell to sea pay and sub around another 10k a year.I am thankful I serve a God of addition and multiplication instead of subtraction and division!

Finally, I am registered for school....I start my Masters in Educational Psychology on Sept 9th, Britt starts her classes on Sept 8 and Rick the first week of October:)

I believe that I am also going to write a devotional book for mom's....let me rephrase that for "real moms." You know who you don't wear an apron....probably don't even own one, you ask God for strength to deal with your children more than once a day.....and you really want a devotion that will deal with the real issues of who are these aliens people keep referring to as my children?

This devotional will hopefully be step one ...ok the blog was step one, step two in my writing career...its all about taking baby steps!