Thursday, August 20, 2009

Now That's An Idea....

So, last night we really looked into Zachary's fish tank and realized that his goldfish have some how over night grew to proportions that makes me wonder what Zachary is feeding them. They have completely outgrown the 20 gallon tank they are in. Rick suggested I cruise Craigslist to see if anyone was selling a larger tank.

So, this afternoon I cruised through the different headings looking for either a free or reasonable fish tank. When I stumbled across coin operated washing machines and dryers.....those of you who know me, also know that the first thing that crossed my mind was that I should buy them and install them in the garage for the kids to use.

Think of the benefits....they would have to budget and schedule accordingly.....paying their own way. I would love nothing more for them to realize the value of the Almighty dollar.....they have no concept of money. I spent close to $600 on groceries this past weekend and they still want to go to McDonald's on the way about you have a McPeanut Butter Sandwich...would you like some milk with that?

And let me give you my opinion on public school...which I thought was suppose to be FREE......I have written more checks to the public schools for this and that in the last couple of weeks than I did when they were in private school....dang you even have to pay to ride the school bus here.
We pay lab fees, lunch fees,picture fees, football uniform fees....and I pay $6 a piece for us to get into the football games to watch my money run up and down the field getting jumped on. At Brittany's alma mater....they are so broke the athletes have to pay to get into their own game....that is crazy. The sad thing is that the athletic departments in schools in Hawaii are fighting to keep their programs alive for the kids.

So.....that brings me back to the coin operated washing machines and dryers...maybe I could open it up to the public and use the funds to help the local high schools pay for sports.....

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Time Flies

Well.... as you can see I have been neglient in posting once again. I don't know where all my time goes.....

Things around here have been interesting......

Rick started shore duty at the beginning of August....after a few Griswold moments:

First because he was waiting for orders before he re-enlisted they almost didn't let him re-enlist. Yes, that's right if PSD had their way he would be a civilian as I type. But thankfully, the Captain, XO, and the detailer put their foots on some rear ends and he was able to re-enlist on July 28th.....his contract expired on August about cutting it close.

Since he waited so long to re-enlist our ID's were due to two days. So I took the whole day off to get our ID's and new stickers for the truck. The kids and I head down to the PSD nice and early in the morning for our appointments. When we arrive we are told that the Deers system is down world wide. I tried to explain to the nice boy sitting behind the counter that, that would not do at all because our ID's expired THAT day.

Now, let me interject here....I have had my ID for 20 years...I have spent more time with that card than I have my husband in our 20 year lets me buy food, gas, whatever I need at a reasonable price. It is my ticket to the doctors, to get on base.....what am I going to do with out my ID.?!?!?!?!?!

I called Rick on the boat and his solution was...for him to come down there....dude they don't give a rip what your rank is they cannot make the system work based on is a WORLD WIDE problem!!!!

So, at church a friend of ours told me to come to the Army office and Monday and he would do it without an appointment....which he did. I walked in and there were 20 people waiting...he told all them that I was important and he had to take care of me immediately...coolness!

So, Rick and I have ID's...the kids have an appointment to get theirs Friday..Rick is taking them. He is not happy about it, but I have already wasted a day with his Navy its his turn!

So back to the transition to shore duty.....

Three teens
One tween
One Senior Chief...who deals with men who act like children all day
One mom who has a plan that keeps everything afloat.....

Its not priceless my is a hot mess. The first week was a nightmare. Rick really has never lived with teens and all that comes with it. The drama, the laziness, the constant having to remind them, the constant out stretched hand asking for money. But, I think things have settled down hopefully I will have more time to write:)