Friday, March 7, 2008

Choosing to Blog

Choosing to blog was one I made with great hesitation...why would anyone care what I have to say? Or better yet why would I want to put all my business out on the street?

For years people have been telling me I am so funny and the stories about raising my children are so funny that I should write a book. So this blog is the beginning stages of that book:)

The other reason I chose to blog is totally for selfish reasons....Sometimes I get tired of not being able to say what I want or stating the obvious. All I want to do is state my feelings, frustrations, and views on topics WITHOUT having to hear it from people who want to debate what I said or believe. So this blog is my kingdom and you are more that welcome to come visit, read, sit down and join the conversation, however, if you chose to disagree with me please keep it to yourself...other wise you may be thrown in the dungeon!

Wow! You may be thinking who does she think she is? Well, I am the Queen of this kingdom, which I created for me...not haters! That's right no haters allowed here...only those who love me and find humor in my stories.....and maybe a little insight.

Don't care if you think us not allowing our daughter to date until we feel she is old enough and emotionally mature enough is wrong....we will do it the way God has led us to....if you don't like it or agree
:-p (In case you don't know I just stuck my tongue out at you!)

Welcome friends, future friends.....and haters if you stick around and keep quiet you may learn a thing or two!