Thursday, August 21, 2008

Mom Madness.....

I was going to wait until my laptop wanted to cooperate to blog, but I need to share my adventures with other moms:)

Britt hurt her back last week at cheer is a vicious sport. Back when I was in high school the greatest danger a cheerleader faced was getting beaned in the head with food from the stands...and no I have no idea who threw that:)

These days they have trainers and everything. I am very proud of my cheerliscious daughter. She has worked really hard all of her academic career to keep those grades up and is currently carrying a 4.3 GPA ...with six AP classes which will give her 18 college credits before she even graduates from high school. Now, she is dedicated and committed to cheer leading. She makes every practice and is excited.

So she hurt her back and the pain got increasingly worse over that last couple of days to the point where she was in extreme pain, crying on Wednesday morning. Now this is the child whose nose was broken for almost 48 hours before she cried. SO when she cries from pain its time to head for the hill...otherwise known as Tripler.

My dilemma came in when I had to decide whether or not to pick Zach up from school. I could have left him at A plus, but in doing that I ran the risk of him and Becca being home alone together for longer than wise for them....which is anything over 45 minutes. So I edged on caution and picked Zach up.

So we head over to the hill, only to drive around for 30 minutes looking for a parking spot. No worries there though...I have learned to arrive with enough time for a prime parking spot. Not that I am against using the parking garage. But there have been several times I have attempted to use it, only to drive all the way up to the top and all the way back down...finding no parking spot! When I had my biopsy DH gave up and parked in a handicap spot...thankfully there was no ticket waiting for him. I also REFUSE to use the valet parking...why would I pay them $5 PLUS tip to have them park my truck in their poorly ran hospital without enough parking?

I spent the next 45 minutes listening to my children fight over what they would be watching on the waiting room tv...we were the only ones in there. Then the next 30 in the waiting room with Zach while Britt was being seen...with him asking, "Are they done yet?" UMMMMM do you see your sister?!?!?!? NO...then I guess they are not done yet!!!!!

OK..then we go back to see Doogie Howzer and Britt and he informs me that she may have fractured her spine....lovely! I can tell by the look on both of their faces they have spent at least the last 15 minutes arguing about what this will do for her cheer career. You see tomorrow is her first game and next week is the game that my house has been looking forward to since the schedule came Josh's high school vs Britt's. She was very upset that she may miss that game...never mind have a spinal injury!

Down we go to Xray....another 20 minutes of Zach's nagging and her whining about the injustice of it all (I took a picture of her in her hospital gown...I will post it when my lap top behaves) Of course we have to make a stop at the pharmacy...muscle relaxers....and motrin

By now it is almost 6pm, so I swing by to pick Josh up from practice and head home. There is a strange quiet on the way home....the boys watched Happy Feet and Britt slept. Good thing because it took an hour to get home in the traffic. Dropped them off at home and then I headed to the store for toilet paper....why do they wait until we have NONE to tell me we are out?

Anyway Doogie Howzer called today and said that she has no bone damage...just severe muscle strain and may return to cheering next time to make enough practices for her brothers game..........I will for sure take pictures of that game and all that it promises to bring.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

I'm Back got crazy and I had to take a step back for a while:)

I have all the pictures of my last three starting I am the mom of a senior and a freshman. As crazy as they make me I have found myself in tears several times over the last couple of weeks. This is the last full year I will have my oldest living with me. It's exciting and sad at the same time. I am excited that she will be going on to embrace and discover what God has in store for her. I am sad that she will not be as close as down the hall as she is now....

My son NFLman I am very proud of. That boy rides the bus to school every day, stays at practice and then rides it home. He has stuck with this football thing longer than he has stuck with anything in his whole life. The first offical game is next Saturday. Then the following week they play his sisters high school. So for the JV game I will sit on his side, then I will move to the other side of the field to cheer for her.

The Curves thing is going great...I have lost 6 inches, 2% body fat, and 2 lbs of body fat. I like's mindless. You go to each station and workout for thirty seconds then the lady tells you to move on...30 minutes I am in and out. It requires little to no thought on my part....I like it.

I will be back later....just wanted you all to know I have not fallen off the face of the earth:)