Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I Just Don't Understand.....

Why if I pay over $2000 in property taxes a year......do my children have to pay to ride the SCHOOL BUS???? Where I come from you don't pay to ride the school bus....it is covered by the school district ...who gets their money from the collected property taxes!!!!

Another thing I don't understand is why do we have to constantly be fund raising? When my kids went to a private school I understood the need to fund raise...all of the money coming into the school was from the parents, with no assistance from the state. But now that they are at a public school all they want the kids to do is fund raise.

What bothers me even more is the tricks they use to lure these kids into fundraising...it's almost as devious as the candy in the checkout aisle in the grocery store.....evil I tell you!

They hold an assembly to lure the children into fundraising with the promises of goods to be won...if they sell 1000 candy bars. What's even worse is that little Johny's parents take their candy everywhere they go to peddle the 1000 candy bars...when they could just buy them a Ipod shuffle for $50 at Walmart!

Then my child is having a conniption because I will not kill myself to sell a ridiculous amount of candy bars....appalled at the fact that I will not buy 5 Entertainment books at $25 a piece!

I just don't understand...........................

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


A couple of weeks ago I shared that I had joined Curves...the gym for women...and by the way it's working out great. Part of the membership is a subscription to their magazine. As as a reader I will read anything that sits still....

So one of the articles talked about daily stress and how to relieve it in a healthy way. One of the issues that came up was frustration and how to get rid of it in a positive way....their answer surprised me. They suggested that you take deep cleansing breaths and calm yourself down RATHER than venting.

We have been told to get our feelings out and it will make us feel better....and I have certainly done so lately. But after reading that article and thinking about it I began to think about how it tied in spiritually.....

This is what came up with.....

Proverbs 19:11 Good sense makes a man restrain his anger, and it is his glory to overlook a transgression or an offense.

I know that when I call someone and vent I am just stirring up the frustration and anger....not getting rid of it or ignoring it...just making it grow stronger and more potent....

So I am going to take the natural advice of taking deep breaths and calming myself down over just dumping in an unhealthy way. I am also going to take the spiritual advise and restrain my anger and frustration...and over look the offense.

Please don't get me wrong, I truly believe in talking to people and getting advice or counsel.....and if I need to I will AFTER I have calmed down, and overlooked the transgression or offense.

Sometimes I think we are quite simple.....sometimes we fail to look at our instruction book for life...instead we let others tell us how we should live...which of course just frustrates our spirits all the more...simple simple simple. All we have to do is read the Word to know what to do.....

Monday, July 21, 2008

Wedding Weekend!!!!

Ahhh...It's Monday again...but I had a busy weekend...the good, the bad, and the ugly......

I am going to start with the ugly and work my way to the good...so that you can walk away smiling...I just love you all like that!

OK the ugly would be my daughters bathroom and it was astugsting (one of my preschoolers ways of saying distgusting) I have been more than gracious concerning the cleaning of their bathroom and bedrooms....giving grace for the amount of time they spend working at the school for me and running around doing the things I need them to do for me....but my grace has expired. I refuse to pay this much money for a house.......when half of of it looks like the city dump...soooooo

I took the doors off of their bedrooms AND their bathroom. I cleaned the bathroom from top to bottom and it reaks of clorox...too bad...I needed that much bleach to kill whatever was living in there.

Diva 2 came in and didn't even say a word...she just got a plastic garbage bag and sat on her floor in tears cleaning....I do not feel bad. Diva 1 won't be home until tonight...and I told her that I was going to do it sooner than later.....the time has come!

They can have their doors back when they prove to me they can keep their rooms clean AND they keep the bathroom clean...to my standards WITHOUT arguing about whose turn it is to clean it. My hope is that they don't get it together until their dad comes home...because I don't want to lug those doors back up the stairs...

Now the bad....so Friday afternoon I am finishing up the work on my desk so I can leave for the day when my cell rings...it's Joshua telling me that they broke the window by my front door ...I hung up without saying a word and called Auntie Carolyn who was on her way to the house to take a look and give me the truth about the situation. So she and Grandpa next door fixed it and she attempted to get my kids out of there before I go there...she almost made it:) I had nothing to say...they broke it arguing and I could not trust myself to utter a word.

A couple of hours later two of my 5 husbands (my husband has left several of his friends with instructions to be my other husbands...) called to tell me they secured the window and the house to prevent a break in and that it would probably only cost around $80-$100 to fix the window rather than the $800-$900 I was imagining.

My middle two...the offenders in this case knew not to push my buttons yesterday...they did not talk or argue all day...I acted like I was still mad....I plan on allowing them to think that I am still on the edge and mad at them...it keeps them on their toes.

Now for the good....my adopted little sister Shalei got married Saturday. We spent the night at a hotel in Waikiki Friday night...and have found the perfect room for when DH returns from his travels....jacuzzi tub IN the room...perfect....

Anyway....Saturday morning I went to have my hair done...and I came out looking like June Cleaver...no lie...thank God for Monique who was able to fix the mess the salon girl made...we had to start over...from the beginning...I mean I had to rewash my hair start over.

Other than my do.....getting ready went off without a hitch...much thanks to the wedding planner who was more like a drill sargent...but she got the job done. We were ready early and we had to wait for the limo.

I wrote my wedding toast on the way to the country club....made myself cry:) But we arrived there early and had a few moments before we began...just enough time to relax....but not enough time to get nervous.

Shalei looked so beautiful and we had so much fun...now she is married and all grown up...until the next time she walks into my office pouting:)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Law of the Garbage Truck

This was sent to me via email and it was so good I thought I would share it with you all....

Garbage Truck Rule One day I hopped in a taxi and we took off for the airport. We were driving in the right lane when suddenly a black car jumped out of a parking space right in front of us. My taxi driver slammed on his breaks, skidded, and missed the other car by just inches! The driver of the other car whipped his head around and started yelling at us. My taxi driver just smiled and waved at the guy. And I mean, he was really friendly. So I asked, 'Why did you just do that? This guy almost ruined your car and sent us to the hospital!' This is when my taxi driver taught me what I now call, 'The Law of the Garbage Truck.' He explained that many people are like garbage trucks. They run around full of garbage, full of frustration, full of anger, and full of disappointment. As their garbage piles up, they need a place to dump it and sometimes they'll dump it on you. Don't take it personally. Just smile, wave, wish them well, and move on. Don't take their garbage and spread it to other people at work, at home, or on the streets. The bottom line is that successful people do not let garbage trucks take over their day. Life's too short to wake up in the morning with regrets, so... 'Love the people who treat you right. Pray for the ones who don't.' Life is ten percent what you make it and ninety percent how you take it!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Laundry Detergent

Did you ever have one of those weeks........

You see I go to some sort of store at least once a day...for work, home, or church. I went to the store specifically to get laundry detergent 4 times last week and all 4 times I forgot it. The other times I meant to get it....but those last 4 times that was the reason I went to the store....and I got side tracked each time. I mean I had other things on my list so it's not like I totally walked in and got side tracked by shiny things....I just got everything on the list BUT the laundry detergent.

Let me say that I do not have a physical list...but one in my head.

So anyway,Friday after I left Walmart and got about half a mile down the road I remembered I forgot laundry detergent. So, I called Mellie and asked her to please please please get me some when she went to the NEX. I told her anything small and cheap...just enough to get me started. I jokingly said that if she forgot to get it that it would be a sign that I was not suppose to do laundry ever again.

So....yup...you guessed it! Mellie forgot to get it at the NEX and ended up having to stop at Foodland and buy me some laundry detergent.

I am only 37...how could I keep forgetting laundry detergent? Maybe because I really don't want to do the laundry.............

Great Weekend!!!

Ahhh..it's Monday afternoon and I am debating falling asleep here at my desk...afterall...who would yell at me?

My weekend was pretty good......

Auntie Carolyn and I decided to hit the beach again this weekend....with two goals....to get some adult conversation in...after all we are married to two men from the same home town who we swear share the same brain.... AND to allow the kids to get out and spend time together while expending some of their energy.

Brett, Zach and Reese just hanging around!

The gang with their....feet in the sand!

Kelsey and Becca in the bunker.

Brett and Josh.....acting like Mike and Rick!

Here I have to take a detour...you see my Internet friends you have yet to hear any of our "Griswold" tales......Of course you remember Chevy Chase and his Griswold character.......Griswold Family Vacation, Christmas Vacation...all from our beloved 80's. Well, my family is under some kind of Griswold cloud...it has gotten to the point where if we think we should go right...we go left because whatever we think will lead us astray...especially on vacations and road trips. Uncle Mile and Auntie Carolyn dwell under their own cloud of griswoldness....so when you combine our clouds you double the Griswold damage.

OK...back to the beach....so we are out there soaking up the rays...the kids are off frolicking doing kid stuff...and all of the sudden this super dark cloud settles over our heads...and stay there for 4 hours. It never went away...and all around the cloud were bright blue skies....completely Griswold!

The Griswold Beach Cloud
Despite the cloud we had a great day...however, I have discovered that my son has discovered he has testosterone. He was all over those girls....not in a vulgar way or in way that suggests that he knows what he's doing....but in a bumbling...I am laughing so hard I may pee my pants way. The poor guy he was clueless. Here are these bikini clad girls who last week were simply his cousins...and now they are well....bikini clad babes that have caught his eye. Oh! MY!! his dad needs to get home quickly because I really have no clue what to say to the poor boy.....heaven help us!
Josh and Katie.....
The next thing I know Zach has migrated over to another group of bikini clad babes and has started to help them dig a hole. Zach has a finesse about his wooing.....

So I got a pretty good tan...despite the icky dark cloud and me hiding my head under the towel so I could laugh!!!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Computer Woes.....

I have burned out the power supply thingy on my lap top yet a second time, so I am stuck using my desktop at work until the replacement comes in.

You must be thinking....so no big deal. Well, in the normal world it would be no big deal. But in my world it is a big deal. You see my man the Deac is always on the prowl for any virus or attachment which will destroy my computer.

Just before he left he sat down at my desk and found 450 pop ups up on the screen. The more he tried to close them the more they sprung up....he tried for an hour. Then he broke my computer down and scrubbed it clean. Erased everything and rebuilt it.

You must be thinking that I have a wonderful husband...while he is wonderful and fine to look at...his computer wizardary gets to me. You see he put something on my computer that does not allow certain links to be followed or pictures to be uploaded. This was to keep the kids from using all the sights that result in 450 pop-ups.

He did such a good job of hiding it and making sure it was surefire that he has no idea what he did or how to fix it. Uncle Obie spent 4 hours one Friday trying to fix it...to no avail.

So now I cannot post any pictures or finish all my blogs than are piling up....because I cannot load any pictures. For to believe my dad was bungee jumping you need to see it.....

However, (just a side note here) what everyone did not need to see was my dad in his speedo! Every year they have a Jacuzzi opening party in May. They eat lobster and sit in the Jacuzzi for the first time of the season. They live outside of Buffalo, NY and the Jacuzzi is outside on the deck...so they only use it in the spring and summer.

Well, my aunt crazy little thing that she is decided that she would buy my dad a speedo for the party...not thinking he would wear it...haha the joke was on her and it was not funny. Because she is now scarred for life she sent us all a picture of him modeling it to our emails. The Deac was in California a Command Career Counseling school at the time so I sent it to his email.

This is where his computer wizardary strikes again. He decided to take it and make it the screen saver for all the computers in the school house. So all those attending Navy classes that day got a view of my dad in his speedo.....I tell him now he is an international swimsuit model...icky!!!

As you can see I am at a loss without my lap top...I am rambling spilling my families secrets.

Rick Springfield Fan

Apparently, I offended a Rick Springfield fan in my mullet post because this is the comment I received from ANONYMOUS.

FYI, Rick Springfield still has a large fan base, just because you don't like his hair doesn't mean much.

I think anonymous is from Rochester, NY which would add credibility to my theory that, that particular area of NY is stuck in a time warp.

What anonymous does not realize is that my blog tracks visitors according to where they live....so I could be wrong....but I believe they are from NY.

Another thing anonymous does not realize is that I am the Queen of this Kingdom....That was the title of the first blog I ever wrote was and I only allow what I want to appear on my blog..... And don't think that it takes a lot of courage to leave a post with the name anonymous...do you?

But since the comment supports my theory I thought I would give it it's own special post...

My good friend who hates writing proposals for her job right now and is looking for any reason to avoid them looked Rick Springfield up on the net for me and found the following:

Just for reference, he is ranked 584, right under Rick Astley.


and....she had this to say....

The only really good thing I can say is that Rick’s mullet was at least better than the current scruff he’s sporting…

So to all of you who are Rick Springfield fans.......Don't You Wish You Had Jessie's Girl?

You Know Your an 80's Child....

Ok....my thirtysomethings.....join me. Just leave a message with your additions to....

You Know Your An 80's Child If......

1. You remember leg warmers and owned at least three different pairs..all different colors

2. Jelly bracelets ran up and down your arms....and they did not refer to anything sexual...they we just bracelets!

3. You remember jelly shoes

4. Duran Duran brings back memories

5. You may have still been a virgin when Madonna's hit song "Like a Virgin" first came out

6. You remember trying to tape songs off the radio on your "boom box"

7. You made, traded, and wore friendship pins.

8. You remember all the Back to the Futures...and thought Michael J Fox was cute

9. The bigger the hair the better....

10. You rolled your pant legs up at the bottom

12. You wore socks with your flats

13 You may have worn a sweatshirt/sweater off your shoulder like Flash Dance

14. You know what movie the line, "Nobody puts Baby in a corner" comes from.

15. You had a spiral perm

16 You know what a banana clip is

17.You know the words to songs by the the Hair Bands...Bon Jovi(they have to be first), Poison, White Snake...etc

18. You remember when MTV began

19. You remember Video Killed the Radio Star

20 AND of course the big hoopla over the Thriller video

Come on children of the 80's......give me some more!

The Hairstyle That Refuses to Die.....

While on vacation in NY my sister and I realized that western NY is stuck in a time warp. My parents live in the country....about 50 minutes outside of Buffalo, NY and it's like they are stuck. Everywhere we went people were dressed like it was the 80's...and not the part of the 80's that we peeking through some of today's fashion...straight up 80's.

It's the same when we visit my husbands hometown...they are all still wearing high top Reebok's and stone washed jeans. It's strange really...almost like stepping back in time. His hometown is about 40 minutes outside of Providence, RI. Now, most of the state of RI is still in the 80's.....big hair will never go out of style in RI.

But in both states there is one hair style that just refuses to die...it was a bad style when it was in...now its just down right creepy....the mullet. What were we thinking swooning over Rick Springfield (yes I went there) and his mullet?

The mullet was everywhere in NY....on hillbillies, on suburbanites....on city slickers.....it was an ever present reminder that Western NY is dying a slow and painful death. The steel mills are closed and the industrial companies have moved to greener pastures leaving behind buildings that represent what Buffalo seems to turning into....an empty shell.

BUT there are several things that will remain: the mullet, The Buffalo Bills, the Sabres, and of course buffalo wings.

My love for Buffalo wings and the Bills will never die....ahhh but the mullet...no love loss there!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Well I did it.....

You all must think I am a little off or have nothing to do....I am off and I have more than the average person to do. BUT I am currently without my hubby so I have to share with someone...why not the whole free world?

Anyway I did it....I joined Curves tonight and I actually feel pretty good about it. I am 37 and some day I will be 40....and I plan on feeling good about myself when I get there. I think the biopsies and the hysterectomy made me realize that I had better take care of my body so that I can live a long healthy life......Not only that I was promised a complete dry dock overhaul of my bod...if I reach a certain weight. I get to have anything I want tucked, lifted, sculpted, sucked or enhanced. I will need some enhancement...the girls will shrink if I loose weight...Rick doesn't believe me...but they will.

The worst part was the weigh in and the measuring...ugh to see it put on paper is not pretty.....

I am also modifying the way I eat....I am on a fruit and veggie fast of sorts.....does anyone think I can get away with calling peanut m&m's a veggie? Really, that has been my only stumbling block in the last two days...those darn peanut m&m's. I have been eating baked potatoes for dinner...they ARE a vegetable and mixed variety of fresh veggies for lunch, and a slimfast shake for breakfast. In between I munch on plums, cherries, strawberries, and of course bananas.

So now I have to stick to this exercise thing because I am paying for it...you know you really aren't committed to the base gym because it's free. So now that I am spending my m&m money on Curves I need to be there. The hours are pretty flexible on the weeks when I open the school I can stop on the way home (it is directly between the school and my house....unfortunately it is also next to the KFC....what were they thinking?) and on the days I close I can go in the morning before I go in.

When DH comes home the only way he will know its me is because his children will be standing next to me.

Zman's First Day of Fifth Grade

Well, today begins a school year of first and lasts for our family. Today Zman started his first day of 5th grade. He was excited to start....not so excited to have his picture taken, so I had to get these two on the sly with my camera phone while we were walking up to the school.

He is not happy with the pictures, but that is what happens when you do not cooperate with a mom. He has a man teacher for the first time ever. He told me this morning that he was a little nervous because it ends his streak with lady teachers.

When I picked him up he was happy and seemed to be impressed with his teacher. He said he was funny and made them laugh a lot. Take it from this teacher you always laugh a lot on the first day. I think it will be good for him to have a strong teacher (this is the mans rep) it will help him stay within his boundaries.

My youngest daughter will be the only one in our family at her school....at first for her. I hope it helps her build her confidence and learn how to represent:)

My oldest son will be a freshman...not sure if he'll let me take his pictures...I may have to bribe him with a ride the first day of school. As I type he is at jv football practice...OMG!!! I have a son old enough to be on the football team....girls be warned I am a little off and you had better not even think about looking at my son that way.......

Finally.....my daughter who will turn 17 in two days (sniffle) is going to be a high school senior. Today I made the appointment for her senior portraits...SNIFFLE. She has narrowed her degree path(s) down to a double major in media and public relations, and a minor in social work and business...for real. My wonderful daughter cannot make up her mind and to be honest this is narrowing it down...you should have seen the list before. Lord, help us find a school that has all that she is seeking...except for boys...no need for any of those.

So my family is definitely entering a new era.....they tell me I will miss them when they are gone....I have denied it with all that is in me....but today I see that they may be right.

10 Positive Things...

I am grouchy today...really out of sorts....noting major just a lot of little things battling to overtake me with bitterness and frustration....

1. People with double standards
2. People with "selective" memory loss...you can remember what you want too...
3. People who claim that their kids are their world...but leave them at school for almost 13 hours a day...EVERY DAY. I can see occasionally needing to leave them at school so you can get things done but to leave them there longer than they need to on a regular basis sends another message all together. THEN have the nerve to come to the school with a tude asking when you will get to see the teacher...ummmmm how about my teachers don't work 13 hour days...so unless you come during normal working hours (which you could if you so desired) you won't see your child's teacher.
4. Stupid people (I'm just saying....)

Ok...that is just a small chunk of what is battling for attention in my mind today. So in an attempt to apply reverse psychology on myself today I am going to borrow an idea from my friend Mellie's diary....list ten positive things for the day......

Here we go....

1. Zman starts fifth grade today...pictures to follow.
2. Diva1 got her clearance from the doctor to go back to cheering with no restrictions
3. NFLman is loving football...and using quite a bit of his energy reserves....good for the rest of us
4. Diva2 has been out of the house all week babysitting
5. I believe that I may be hovering somewhere around the half way mark of this deployment
6. My tan is not fading...major thing here!
7. I have a half tank of gas
8. I have two checks in my purse to deposit $$$$$$
9. I have on the most comfortable pair of sneakers I have ever bought....they even breath on the side...way cool
10. I have an appointment to join Curves tonight.

So I do feel a little better....but I still need to get a handle on this attitude and frustration that is threatening to over flow into my out loud voice.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Dani's last 15 years....

Dani was one of the takers on my up for grabs post on the last 15 years....Dani is not only the spouse of a submariner she is active duty herself...my hat off to you Dani...dealing with the Deac's boat stuff is more than enough for me...I wouldn't want any of my own!

Dani's post....

Here's the deal. Think back on the last 15 years of your life.What would you tell someone that you hadn't seen or talked to for 15 years? How would you sum up your life? You get 10 bullet points. A list of 10 things to summarize about you. At the end of your list, tag 5 more people and send on the love.

1. Well first off, in 1993 my family moved from Annapolis, MD to Tarpon Springs, FL. Little did we know at the time that this would be our last move for quite a bit of time (prior to that we had moved about every two years). My dad had resigned from the Navy and went into the reserves, as well as starting Adams Atomic Engines. I started school at my third (and last) elementary school that fall.

2. 94 - 97 I went to a magnet middle school for advanced math and science. During that time I was swimming and playing softball. Of course those were the awkward pre-adolescent years ... I think I have blocked out a lot of that time period.

3. In 1997 I started high school at a brand spankin new school (it was the second year that it was open) so there were no seniors that year. I was doing International Baccalaureate (another magnet program) which consisted of a lot of college level courses. High school saw me swimming on the school team, playing softball my sophomore year (winning the state championship) and participating in Mu Alpha Theta (a math competition team) as well as other various activities.

4. I graduated on June 5, 2001 and 24 days later reported to Annapolis to begin the fun that is known as plebe summer at USNA. That summer was the first of many that I would celebrate my birthday somewhere other than home.

5. At the Academy I studied Systems Engineering .... which eventually cumulated in doing a Trident Scholar project my senior year. I focused on determining the angle of approach of a target using a reconfigurable array of sonar sensors. Thus began my interest in underwater acoustics and sonar.

6. My four years at the Academy was also a great time of growth in my faith as a Christian. I got involved in OCF and met my core group of friends from the Academy. These are the friends that I can talk to after long stretches and pick up right where we left off. I also met my husband there and we started dating our senior year.

7. In May 2005, we graduated and were commissioned as ensigns and second lieutenants. About a week after graduation, my husband proposed to me in Central Park (we had stopped in NYC to see Wicked on our way home from a wedding at Holy Cross).

8. At the end of the summer, I headed up to Boston to work on my masters in Mechanical Engineering at MIT. A few months later, DH headed down to Charleston to begin the fun known as nuke school. We got married during the two weeks between Nuke School and Prototype on April 29, 2006. Afterwards he moved to Saratoga Springs, NY (which was a little bit closer). The best though was when he was in Groton for 3 months for Submarine Officer Basic School since we could visit every weekend.

9. In Jan 2007, DH finished up SOBC and moved down to VA. He flew out to meet his sub for the last month and a half of their deployment. He returned at the end of May ... I flew down to VA to close on our house and be there for homecoming. I graduated in June and reported to my ship two days later.

10. DH and I are currently doing the dual military thing. He is on a fast attack and I am on a large deck amphib. I can hardly believe that I have been aboard my ship for a year. DH left on deployment recently and I will be shortly. So far God has blessed us with similar schedules for the most part. We have settled into the area and are looking forward to having more time to explore it. DH just recently qualified in submarines and I will be heading up to RI for my school this weekend and should be qualified by the end of the month.

I think I am going to leave it open to those who would like to participate and not actually tag anyone. My past fifteen years have included a lot of growth since it covers the time from 5th grade to a year out of grad school. I hope you enjoy ... thanks for reading.

4th of July Weekend..

I had a very relaxing weekend! Friday morning the kids and I went to the beach with Auntie Carolyn and her kids. Auntie Carolyn is Uncle Mike's wife, who is Rick's best friend. They have been friends since kindergarten and they have been stationed out here for 5 years now...they say they're not staying but they bought a house last year:) For awhile we were next door neighbors and that was cool....having them here is like having a piece of home here.

Anyway we went to Nimitz Beach out at Barbers Point. This was a new beach for us...we prefer Bellows beach....but it is on the other side of the island and both of us live out in the boonies...so we are tired of driving. I love this beach..as a matter of fact we are going there again this Saturday. The kids climbed all over the tide pools and an old bunker...leaving us in peace. It is so great that they are old enough to go explore and have fun....without having us right there.

Auntie Carolyn and I sat on the beach and soaked up the rays and when the teens girls were too close for comfort we grabbed the boogie boards and jumped in the water.

I was relaxing so much I didn't even take my camera out...unusual for me! I will do better next Saturday.

Then we went home, I made cookies (by the way cake mix cookies are my new favorite), jumped in the shower and we went to another friends house. I played cards and almost won...shucks! I ate yummy bbq and cake mix cookies. But Diva 2 wasn't feeling great so I brought her and the boys home and climbed into bed with a good book.

The next morning after prayer at church I ran to Costco and then to the garage to get my truck inspected...after all my inspection sticker expired in DECEMBER. I went in February and realized I didn't have my insurance card. Then I had my surgery and forgot...until a nice MP pulled me over at Tripler. Then I had to find my insurance card which apparently did not want to be found. Then I attempted to go get a copy made....the place was always closed. So finally last week I called them and asked them to send me another one...and Sat I dragged myself to the garage and had it done...now I don't have to worry about getting pulled over....now I just have to go to the registry and register the jag...its registration was due in June...hey I'm a busy lady!

Anyway, I went home did some laundry, took a shower, and put my jammies on....at 2:30 in the afternoon. I then spent the rest of the day on the couch clearing out two months of CSI...all of them, Grey's Anatomy, Without a Trace, and Army Wives. My kids thought I was nuts......but whatever! I now know who got shot, who got back together....now I have to wait for the new season to begin!

Sunday morning was church, of course and then I came home and took a nice nap on the couch...woke up, read my book, and watched Army Wives...I even cooked dinner. Then I went to bed.

It was soooo very relaxing...I was mad last night that I had looked forward to my holiday weekend and then bam it was over! I hate when that happens!

More Yard Sale photos...

I think I reached my max for photos in the last blog so here are some more....Cole, Foofoo, and I waiting for customers...actually we are doing a book of crossword puzzles....I so rocked the 80's one!

Daddy, Cole, Foofoo, and I celebrate Fathers Day!

In the end we put a sign on everything and lugged it to the end of the driveway.....nobody took anything and we had to lug it back up the driveway!

Stay tuned for.....

* 65 year old Dad bungee jumping with daughters...

* Six Flags.....or not!

* VBS pictures and updates.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Vacation Part 1 The Yard Sale

Ok...I am suppose to be doing homework, but as I finish the last couple of classes I a have a badddd attitude concerning school. So here I am to give you part one of my vacation....it will take several parts...because all the insanity in one blog would be too much for regular people!

My grandfather passed away in February,shortly before my hysterectomy and Rick's departure on pac, so I was unable to attend the funeral. My brother in all his wisdom decided that a yard sale was in order to rid my parents of all of grandpa's "stuff". My parents have been on this kick to make sure there is as little work for us to do after they pass as possible, so they wanted to get rid of some of their "stuff" also.

So my sisters and I dragged our feet until late Thursday afternoon until we came to the crucial point of having to make the commitment to having this darn yard sale....which by the way my brother was not present for because he couldn't get away from work...convenient wouldn't you say. So we decided that yes we have to do this since there are piles of junk all over the basement which make my poor father twitch every time he goes down there.

My sister...lets call her foofoo (she knows) is adamant that we make the signs and hang them Friday morning because she claims these people are adamant about their garage saling..yes that is what she called it. So we made signs at the dining room table acting much like we did when were younger...arguing and bickering the whole time.

That night we drag boxes upon boxes up the basement stairs....thinking not nice thoughts about my brother...who really was dealing with issues at work.

So the next morning we get up and drive 20 minutes to a Dunkn' Donuts drive thru to get coffee (we drove there about 15 times total in the week were there). Then we drove all the way back to the country to hand all the signs. Mission accomplished...now time to get ready for Six Flags (That will be another post...too much to add to this one) After spending the day at six flags we are sent on a mission to the package store and the pizzeria that has to die for fish fries.

As we drive down the street arguing about who is going to go into the package store we notice that it has gotten very dark and windy outside. By the time we came out of the pizzeria the skies had opened up....

This is a picture of the sky...it is suppose to be daylight. I was trying to take a picture of lightening...just so you know...it's hard to do. By the time we got back to the house there was no electricity, there were trees down, and flooding had begun in some areas. ALL of the signs my sister insisted we put up had been washed away by hail...so we had to start all over....with no electricity!

The next morning we get up to sunny skies...yeah! So my sisters jump in the car to go to Dunkn' Donuts (my parents cannot understand why we have to drink froufrou coffee as they call it...instead of their reliable Maxwell House) and to hang the rest of the signs.

While they are gone I am saying not nice things about my siblings under my breath...I am tired from not sleeping because of the storm and lack of electricity...which meant lack of fans and circulation. As I am carrying all the stuff out of the garage I notice it is getting VERY dark...I call the Dunkn' Donut twins to inform them it is not looking good...of course they are now awake and functioning because they have had their coffee..and they are not moved by the rain.

So, just as my dad and I pull the last box of stuff out onto the driveway it starts to pour. So we cover everything with tarps and pull the furniture back into the garage....THEN my sisters pull up with the coffee!

So we spent most of the day in the garage....we made about $30 that day. We were wet, we were tired...but we had a blast!

At one point we sent Zman out to solicit customers.....but it was raining out so we made him put this blow-up Buffalo Bills helmet on his head....

We closed shop on Saturday wet and frustrated....if it would have been a nice day we would have gotten rid of everything...this is where me and my sister Cole were...but foofoo was holding out to make some cash...cole and I just wanted to get rid of all the stuff so we wouldn't have to put it away. We decided that we would get up the next day and try again.

This meant we had to go back and change all of our signs....and you do realize this also required another 40 minute round trip to Dunkn Dounts....so off we went.

The next day we got up and made my dad breakfast...because it was Fathers Day after all....and we sent my sister out to sell. My sisters are both managers for Men's Wearhouse so they can both sell...me not so much...so they were in charge of talking the customers up.

We made about $40 more dollars that day....but we made memories....

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Request From Ms. Hope

Well, as I sat and ate my Asian Chicken Salad I popped over to Ms. Hope's blog for relaxing and humorous reading and found that I had been tagged to share. I was relieved you see, because I was getting ready to blog and ask the questions that perplex mothers across the globe...Why did my child leave part of the dressing packet in my salad? Why do I have to make my Diva 2 come and separate her laundry in front of me so that I can be sure she gets it all.

I would much rather do what Ms. Hope has asked of me than deal with the answers to those questions....

Here's the deal. Think back on the last 15 years of your life.What would you tell someone that you hadn't seen or talked to for 15 years? How would you sum up your life? You get 10 bullet points. A list of 10 things to summarize about you. At the end of your list, tag 5 more people and send on the love.

1. In 1993 I only had one child...I can't even remember what it was like. However, almost a year to today we started trying for number 2...NFLman. The grossest thing is that I think he was conceived while we were on leave...at my aunts cottage...in her bed...gross...but true. I was contently doing home daycare...completely unaware of the plans that God had for me.

2. In 1994 we had NFLman...he was such a sweet baby.....so much so that I lost my mind and got pregnant with Diva 2 before his first birthday. Actually, my good friend had just PCS'd and my husband was "comforting" me...thus Diva 2 arrived. Now let me tell you Diva 2 had colic...imagine 2 babies in diapers and one who screamed for 5 hours every night....for 5 months! About two months into it I was praying and I told God that I REALLY wanted to do HIS will concerning the number of children we were to have...but if He didn't speak soon I was having my tubes tied. Three days later we were at a wedding and my Pastor was holding the younger three and he looked at me and said, "God said one more boy, Jill." My reply was along the lines of...you have got to be kidding me!

3. Once Diva 2 was done with her colic I went back to doing home daycare. I can tell you that I loved being home with my own kids and I loved teaching and caring for other people's kids. I began working towards my CDA.

4. At a marriage conference in 1998 Zman was conceived (hey, at least it wasn't my aunts bed). I carried him until I was 43 weeks pregnant....even at that they had to go in and get him ( I really can't blame him for not wanting to come out.....) God allowed him to be born at 10 pounds...he was going to need the extra weight to deal with this brood.

5. When Zman was just about 2 I gave into God's calling in my life and began teaching at the school where my kids attended. The school and the staff became such an amazing part of my life...I know beyond a shadow of doubt that God sent me that family to sustain me through the next couple of years.

6. In 2000 DH made chief......had no idea what I was getting into...absolutely no idea. We were completely shocked it was his first time up...who makes it their first time up? Anyway that's another blog. When he made chief he was advised that in order to make senior chief he should stay at sea....so we gave up those shore duty orders and headed to another boat....one that ended with us doing a 9 and a half month deployment...and DH being on one of the boats from Pearl that launched tomahawks during shock and awe. It was the longest 9 months of my life...I didn't sleep or eat.... However, those who told him that he would make senior chief if he stayed at sea were right. Just three years after being pinned he put another star on his anchor...at this point I am blown away by the fact that God blessed him to make it so quickly. This ended an eight and a half year sea tour.....thank God!

7. DH came home with the determination that we would accomplish some things on his shore duty: buy a house, pay off all our debt, he would buy his dream car ( a jag), and I would get at least one degree. God is so faithful that all of those blessings were given to us. However, our shore duty went too quickly and before we knew it we were doing a geo-bach tour between Hawaii and Washington.

8. In the fall of 2007 during a normal womanly exam there were growths found in my uterus. Over the next couple of months I went through numerous biopsies and procedures trying to get around having a hysterectomy. Only in the end I had to have one any way....and it is probably one of the best things I have ever done.

9. In 2004 my friend Kelle and I received a word of prophecy about opening a preschool. We toiled and went on an amazing journey with God and in April 2008 we opened Blessings From Heaven Preschool ( http://www.blessingsfromheavenewa.com/)

10. As I look back over the last 15 years I can see where God has brought me from. I am amazed that the toil and turmoil in my marriage was preparing us to be marriage counselor's and to minister at marriage conferences. That my education and teaching was preparing my to be the Director of the Children's Ministry at our church. That my husbands military training and education was to prepare him to become an ordained Deacon and also, how his ordination was an asset to his leadership skills. I am amazed that all my trials and shortcomings as a wife, mother, woman, sister and daughter can and are being used as I minister to women at woman's conferences at the church.

I cannot take any credit for any of it because if the truth be told I fought God all the way...why do I have to go through this...why me? Recently, I was accused of having the spirit of pride in my life....but I don't take credit for anything that God has done and to be amazed I am quite shocked that God would use me...and that is why I share what He has done for me...not because I have done it...but because He used a broken vessel like me to do it in.

I remember shortly after Rick made chief and was ordained, and I had just been appointed the Director of Children's Ministry....I looked at Rick and asked....Do you think God knows what He is doing with us....giving us so much responsibility? His reply...I sure hope so!

So...that's the last 15 years of my life in a nutshell..Thanks Hope for taking my focus off of the amazing lingering lack of common sense of the teenagers in my home and putting it on our great God who has done so much for me....

So here is the deal........I am new to this blog world so I don't have many people to tag.
I will tag....
Mellie....she can share in her diary. She's pretty awesome.....me and God think so:)
Ms. Em...we can double team her...so she has to do it!
Shari....you know who you are....I know we can glean from your last 15 years of a christian submariners wife.
So that leaves me two wildcards....any takers?

Know It All's

I am so tired of people who know it all....or let me rephrase that...who think they know it all.

They are everywhere....the most obvious would be my children...man, they know EVERYTHING...NOT. Then there are people who think they know everything about the military life and they have no clue as to what they are speaking of.

I have started just letting them think that they know what they are talking about...then when they fall flat on their faces and then I pray about helping them up and scrapping the mudd off their face.

Anyway....had to get that off my chest....its been bothering me for a couple of days. I will be back later to post some about my "vonderful" vacation.