Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Vacation Part 1 The Yard Sale

Ok...I am suppose to be doing homework, but as I finish the last couple of classes I a have a badddd attitude concerning school. So here I am to give you part one of my will take several parts...because all the insanity in one blog would be too much for regular people!

My grandfather passed away in February,shortly before my hysterectomy and Rick's departure on pac, so I was unable to attend the funeral. My brother in all his wisdom decided that a yard sale was in order to rid my parents of all of grandpa's "stuff". My parents have been on this kick to make sure there is as little work for us to do after they pass as possible, so they wanted to get rid of some of their "stuff" also.

So my sisters and I dragged our feet until late Thursday afternoon until we came to the crucial point of having to make the commitment to having this darn yard sale....which by the way my brother was not present for because he couldn't get away from work...convenient wouldn't you say. So we decided that yes we have to do this since there are piles of junk all over the basement which make my poor father twitch every time he goes down there.

My sister...lets call her foofoo (she knows) is adamant that we make the signs and hang them Friday morning because she claims these people are adamant about their garage saling..yes that is what she called it. So we made signs at the dining room table acting much like we did when were younger...arguing and bickering the whole time.

That night we drag boxes upon boxes up the basement stairs....thinking not nice thoughts about my brother...who really was dealing with issues at work.

So the next morning we get up and drive 20 minutes to a Dunkn' Donuts drive thru to get coffee (we drove there about 15 times total in the week were there). Then we drove all the way back to the country to hand all the signs. Mission time to get ready for Six Flags (That will be another post...too much to add to this one) After spending the day at six flags we are sent on a mission to the package store and the pizzeria that has to die for fish fries.

As we drive down the street arguing about who is going to go into the package store we notice that it has gotten very dark and windy outside. By the time we came out of the pizzeria the skies had opened up....

This is a picture of the is suppose to be daylight. I was trying to take a picture of lightening...just so you's hard to do. By the time we got back to the house there was no electricity, there were trees down, and flooding had begun in some areas. ALL of the signs my sister insisted we put up had been washed away by we had to start all over....with no electricity!

The next morning we get up to sunny skies...yeah! So my sisters jump in the car to go to Dunkn' Donuts (my parents cannot understand why we have to drink froufrou coffee as they call it...instead of their reliable Maxwell House) and to hang the rest of the signs.

While they are gone I am saying not nice things about my siblings under my breath...I am tired from not sleeping because of the storm and lack of electricity...which meant lack of fans and circulation. As I am carrying all the stuff out of the garage I notice it is getting VERY dark...I call the Dunkn' Donut twins to inform them it is not looking good...of course they are now awake and functioning because they have had their coffee..and they are not moved by the rain.

So, just as my dad and I pull the last box of stuff out onto the driveway it starts to pour. So we cover everything with tarps and pull the furniture back into the garage....THEN my sisters pull up with the coffee!

So we spent most of the day in the garage....we made about $30 that day. We were wet, we were tired...but we had a blast!

At one point we sent Zman out to solicit customers.....but it was raining out so we made him put this blow-up Buffalo Bills helmet on his head....

We closed shop on Saturday wet and frustrated....if it would have been a nice day we would have gotten rid of everything...this is where me and my sister Cole were...but foofoo was holding out to make some cash...cole and I just wanted to get rid of all the stuff so we wouldn't have to put it away. We decided that we would get up the next day and try again.

This meant we had to go back and change all of our signs....and you do realize this also required another 40 minute round trip to Dunkn off we went.

The next day we got up and made my dad breakfast...because it was Fathers Day after all....and we sent my sister out to sell. My sisters are both managers for Men's Wearhouse so they can both not so they were in charge of talking the customers up.

We made about $40 more dollars that day....but we made memories....

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Mellie said...

As most of the times I spend with you, this sounds like a memorable experience :)