Monday, July 14, 2008

Great Weekend!!!'s Monday afternoon and I am debating falling asleep here at my desk...afterall...who would yell at me?

My weekend was pretty good......

Auntie Carolyn and I decided to hit the beach again this weekend....with two get some adult conversation in...after all we are married to two men from the same home town who we swear share the same brain.... AND to allow the kids to get out and spend time together while expending some of their energy.

Brett, Zach and Reese just hanging around!

The gang with their....feet in the sand!

Kelsey and Becca in the bunker.

Brett and Josh.....acting like Mike and Rick!

Here I have to take a see my Internet friends you have yet to hear any of our "Griswold" tales......Of course you remember Chevy Chase and his Griswold character.......Griswold Family Vacation, Christmas Vacation...all from our beloved 80's. Well, my family is under some kind of Griswold has gotten to the point where if we think we should go right...we go left because whatever we think will lead us astray...especially on vacations and road trips. Uncle Mile and Auntie Carolyn dwell under their own cloud of when you combine our clouds you double the Griswold damage.

OK...back to the we are out there soaking up the rays...the kids are off frolicking doing kid stuff...and all of the sudden this super dark cloud settles over our heads...and stay there for 4 hours. It never went away...and all around the cloud were bright blue skies....completely Griswold!

The Griswold Beach Cloud
Despite the cloud we had a great day...however, I have discovered that my son has discovered he has testosterone. He was all over those girls....not in a vulgar way or in way that suggests that he knows what he's doing....but in a bumbling...I am laughing so hard I may pee my pants way. The poor guy he was clueless. Here are these bikini clad girls who last week were simply his cousins...and now they are well....bikini clad babes that have caught his eye. Oh! MY!! his dad needs to get home quickly because I really have no clue what to say to the poor boy.....heaven help us!
Josh and Katie.....
The next thing I know Zach has migrated over to another group of bikini clad babes and has started to help them dig a hole. Zach has a finesse about his wooing.....

So I got a pretty good tan...despite the icky dark cloud and me hiding my head under the towel so I could laugh!!!!

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Miss Hope said...

Paige is at the age where..if a boy smiles at her? She has no clue how to react. I get tickled watching her find her way in the Boy-Girl World.

Looks like a great time was had.

Btw.....I always overbuy on the laundry detergant. And I'm always washing clothes. I need to forget to buy a time or two....or three....