Wednesday, July 9, 2008

You Know Your an 80's Child.... thirtysomethings.....join me. Just leave a message with your additions to....

You Know Your An 80's Child If......

1. You remember leg warmers and owned at least three different pairs..all different colors

2. Jelly bracelets ran up and down your arms....and they did not refer to anything sexual...they we just bracelets!

3. You remember jelly shoes

4. Duran Duran brings back memories

5. You may have still been a virgin when Madonna's hit song "Like a Virgin" first came out

6. You remember trying to tape songs off the radio on your "boom box"

7. You made, traded, and wore friendship pins.

8. You remember all the Back to the Futures...and thought Michael J Fox was cute

9. The bigger the hair the better....

10. You rolled your pant legs up at the bottom

12. You wore socks with your flats

13 You may have worn a sweatshirt/sweater off your shoulder like Flash Dance

14. You know what movie the line, "Nobody puts Baby in a corner" comes from.

15. You had a spiral perm

16 You know what a banana clip is

17.You know the words to songs by the the Hair Bands...Bon Jovi(they have to be first), Poison, White Snake...etc

18. You remember when MTV began

19. You remember Video Killed the Radio Star

20 AND of course the big hoopla over the Thriller video

Come on children of the 80's......give me some more!


Mellie said...

If you had suspenders in pastel colors. Heck, having pastel anything.

If you ever called 867-5309.

If you thought wearing your sunglasses at night made you cool.

If you can name all the members of the brat pack.

If you ever said "gag me with a spoon", "like" or "Rad".

If you know what commercial had "where's the beef".

If you thought MacGyver was a genius because he could make a bomb from a gum wrapper.

How's that for some 80s??

Miss Hope said...

If you know all the words to Top Gun, Sixteen Candles, Breakfast Club, and St. Elmo's Fire.

If you wore electric blue eye shadow and just KNEW you looked good.

Bartles and James.

I got more. It's late..gimme more time.