Tuesday, July 8, 2008

10 Positive Things...

I am grouchy today...really out of sorts....noting major just a lot of little things battling to overtake me with bitterness and frustration....

1. People with double standards
2. People with "selective" memory loss...you can remember what you want too...
3. People who claim that their kids are their world...but leave them at school for almost 13 hours a day...EVERY DAY. I can see occasionally needing to leave them at school so you can get things done but to leave them there longer than they need to on a regular basis sends another message all together. THEN have the nerve to come to the school with a tude asking when you will get to see the teacher...ummmmm how about my teachers don't work 13 hour days...so unless you come during normal working hours (which you could if you so desired) you won't see your child's teacher.
4. Stupid people (I'm just saying....)

Ok...that is just a small chunk of what is battling for attention in my mind today. So in an attempt to apply reverse psychology on myself today I am going to borrow an idea from my friend Mellie's diary....list ten positive things for the day......

Here we go....

1. Zman starts fifth grade today...pictures to follow.
2. Diva1 got her clearance from the doctor to go back to cheering with no restrictions
3. NFLman is loving football...and using quite a bit of his energy reserves....good for the rest of us
4. Diva2 has been out of the house all week babysitting
5. I believe that I may be hovering somewhere around the half way mark of this deployment
6. My tan is not fading...major thing here!
7. I have a half tank of gas
8. I have two checks in my purse to deposit $$$$$$
9. I have on the most comfortable pair of sneakers I have ever bought....they even breath on the side...way cool
10. I have an appointment to join Curves tonight.

So I do feel a little better....but I still need to get a handle on this attitude and frustration that is threatening to over flow into my out loud voice.

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Mellie said...

I think I feel honored to know that you shared your outloud voice with me, or maybe I'm just too stupid to be scared :p