Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Hairstyle That Refuses to Die.....

While on vacation in NY my sister and I realized that western NY is stuck in a time warp. My parents live in the country....about 50 minutes outside of Buffalo, NY and it's like they are stuck. Everywhere we went people were dressed like it was the 80's...and not the part of the 80's that we peeking through some of today's fashion...straight up 80's.

It's the same when we visit my husbands hometown...they are all still wearing high top Reebok's and stone washed jeans. It's strange really...almost like stepping back in time. His hometown is about 40 minutes outside of Providence, RI. Now, most of the state of RI is still in the 80's.....big hair will never go out of style in RI.

But in both states there is one hair style that just refuses to was a bad style when it was its just down right creepy....the mullet. What were we thinking swooning over Rick Springfield (yes I went there) and his mullet?

The mullet was everywhere in NY....on hillbillies, on suburbanites....on city was an ever present reminder that Western NY is dying a slow and painful death. The steel mills are closed and the industrial companies have moved to greener pastures leaving behind buildings that represent what Buffalo seems to turning empty shell.

BUT there are several things that will remain: the mullet, The Buffalo Bills, the Sabres, and of course buffalo wings.

My love for Buffalo wings and the Bills will never die....ahhh but the love loss there!

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