Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Computer Woes.....

I have burned out the power supply thingy on my lap top yet a second time, so I am stuck using my desktop at work until the replacement comes in.

You must be no big deal. Well, in the normal world it would be no big deal. But in my world it is a big deal. You see my man the Deac is always on the prowl for any virus or attachment which will destroy my computer.

Just before he left he sat down at my desk and found 450 pop ups up on the screen. The more he tried to close them the more they sprung up....he tried for an hour. Then he broke my computer down and scrubbed it clean. Erased everything and rebuilt it.

You must be thinking that I have a wonderful husband...while he is wonderful and fine to look at...his computer wizardary gets to me. You see he put something on my computer that does not allow certain links to be followed or pictures to be uploaded. This was to keep the kids from using all the sights that result in 450 pop-ups.

He did such a good job of hiding it and making sure it was surefire that he has no idea what he did or how to fix it. Uncle Obie spent 4 hours one Friday trying to fix no avail.

So now I cannot post any pictures or finish all my blogs than are piling up....because I cannot load any pictures. For to believe my dad was bungee jumping you need to see it.....

However, (just a side note here) what everyone did not need to see was my dad in his speedo! Every year they have a Jacuzzi opening party in May. They eat lobster and sit in the Jacuzzi for the first time of the season. They live outside of Buffalo, NY and the Jacuzzi is outside on the they only use it in the spring and summer.

Well, my aunt crazy little thing that she is decided that she would buy my dad a speedo for the party...not thinking he would wear it...haha the joke was on her and it was not funny. Because she is now scarred for life she sent us all a picture of him modeling it to our emails. The Deac was in California a Command Career Counseling school at the time so I sent it to his email.

This is where his computer wizardary strikes again. He decided to take it and make it the screen saver for all the computers in the school house. So all those attending Navy classes that day got a view of my dad in his speedo.....I tell him now he is an international swimsuit model...icky!!!

As you can see I am at a loss without my lap top...I am rambling spilling my families secrets.

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Mellie said...

omg, and now I have to keep a straight face when I see him in a few months??