Friday, February 22, 2008


I can't win...I just can't win. OK I was off work all last week because of my rebellious uterus and I was off Monday because of the holiday and Tuesday because because this Friday was unavailable for me to be off....because three of the other employees were suppose to go to a conference (which was cancelled). Anyway...I went to work Wednesday and today....planned on going to work tomorrow......

Britt announces as she gets in the car from dance practice tonight that I need to take her to the hospital....she is dizzy, can't eat, and wants to pass out. Well I decided to wait until I got home to investigate. I asked all the crazy questions that the mother of a teenage girl asks when she doesn't feel well.

Apparently, she has been feeling this way for a couple of weeks...anytime she goes to eat she feels sick to her stomach.......ok let us remember that this is the child that broke her nose on Saturday morning....didn't tell me about it until Sunday afternoon, refused to go to the ER on Sunday afternoon, ended up in the hospital on Monday with a broken nose. Needless to say she has a VERY high tolerance for pain. UGH!!!

As a mother I am torn...this is the not the Pain Drama Queen...her sister is the ruling and reigning dignitary in that position....this is the one who is like her dad in don't see it until its unbearable. AND she has lost alot of weight in the last couple of weeks to substantiate her claim of not being able to eat.....yes I did ask the.."Are you making yourself throw up?"
"COULD you be pregnant?" 'Are you starving yourself?"

So, I will be taking yet another day off work to take her to the on God's green earth do the spouses of Navy submariners keep jobs? Thankfully, our preschool is almost ready to open, so that I will have a little more freedom. Thank heaven.....I have a job right now that allows me to be flexible AND sadly for them need me more than I need the.....since next Tuesday is my last day.

THANK GOD!!! That we have such great military medical medical debt would be larger than the national debt if not for broken nose, one biopsy, one removed appendix...with a three week hospital stay due to a normal surgery risk, two rebuilt ear drums, two sets of tubes, 7 pulled or strained muscles, 7 allergic reactions and the resulting two allergy tests.....................get the picture!

I am off to check on the pain warrior...........then to bed!