Thursday, January 20, 2011

Blogging from my phone...

Ok so I downloaded this app to my iPhone to see if I could blog on the go...because let's gave it sometimes you just have to get it out there! This is a test run:-)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Here I am!

My husband came to me the other day and asked me if I knew the last time I blogged, was. I told him I thought it was sometime in the fall of 2009. In actuality it had been August 2009, right after I started working for the Army. He admonished me to start blogging again and I have to admit I really have missed it!
So much has happened...I don't know where to begin. Some of it would be too painful to write about and some I am still trying to figure it out, so I'll cap the highlights and post some pictures:-)
The biggest thing would that I turned 40, on October 13th. I am not one of those people who see tragedy or even loss at turning 40. Instead I see it as the next step in the journey I am on. I chose to celebrate the whole month by posting an 80's song of the day on facebook for each day of the month. We covered everyone from by beloved Bon Jovi (who we saw in concert last February here in Honolulu:-)) to even my not so favorite Phil Collins. My husband and friends threw a surprise birthday party for me...with much help from my daughters. It was extremely comical to hear their tales about pulling the party together, without me finding out. I have decided that there are things that I want from life, and that now is the time to embrace and celebrate those things, so I look towards the next decades with anticipation and excitement.
I also have moved from being a Training and Curriculum Specialist for the Army Child Youth and School Services to being a Director of one of their Child Development Centers. This center has given me some of the greatest struggles I have faced in my professional life, but also some of the greatest victories and joys. The ladies that work with me are amazing and make coming to work easy. I love what I do, I know I am walking in my calling and I am grateful to be where I am today.
I am now a mother of three teenagers and one tween who still resides as the family Dennis the Menace

In this picture we have from left to right Zachary (12), Joshua (16), Becca (15 next week), and Britt (19 who they have started calling Midge...because she is the shortest out of all of them, except Zachary who is quickly gaining on her...Joshua is a whole foot taller than she is)

We continue to spend all of our Friday nights and Saturday mornings from August to November at some sort of football field or another....with even Britt sporting the Aiea colors..shhhh don't tell those Campbell people. Britt is in her sophomore at Hawaii Pacific University, Joshua is finishing his Junior year at Aiea High School, Becca her sophomore year, and Zachary is in his first year of junior high. Rick is wrapping up his Bachelors from Wayland University and I am still pursuing my Masters in Educational Psychology from Capella University.

I feel we are coming to a time of transition in all areas of our lives....God is getting ready to do something amazing and something we could have never expected....above and beyond any of our expectations....and I am ready!