Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Reality of Living With Teenage Sons

I am giving you a warning before you push the play button.  This video clip is completely unsuitable for children and people who cannot deal with vulgarity and yes a little nudity.  However, this is the reality of living with two grown sons...which is completely unsuitable for any sane parent, never mind a mom who is at least a foot shorter than both her sons...who must deal with insanity such as this on her own.

I promise you there are days when I can't beleive the insanity of their words and actions, throw in the lack of any rational thought with alot of physical action and the result is unbelievable.  Tonight the arguement was about who was going to sit at the breakfast bar, because apparently the six foot long space is not big enough for both of them.  So as the arguement progressed  I heard the cries of," MOMMMMM"  I made a choice to ignore my very large toddlers who are arguing over the breakfast bar...I am not going down that road tonight.  Next thing I know they are each trying to tattle that the other one mooned them...and then comes the flashing of their manhood at each other....all while telling me play by play what the other one is doing.  I finally snap and yell, " I don't care what body part you show each other...I DON"T CARE!!!!"

But the reality of it is that if I do not send them both to their room for the night or if I am not home, the scene will play out much like the hot mess in the video clip.  Where in the ham sandwhich does such irrational, competitive, craziness come from.  How do two supposed sane human beings think its ok to act like this?  How do two people who were raised by responsible morally sound people come to this?  They know better.

And I promise you it is a game to them...the aggravator takes great joy in terrorizing their victim. You can see the glee in their eye as the victim realizes that someone has touched their drum set, football, cleat,  earphones, cup, mouth guard...nothing is sacred.  The the victim then becomes the aggravator and the aggravator becomes the vicitm and has the nerve to be offended at the offense inflicted on him.  And the cycle continues.  One of them actually asked me if I was going to do something about what his brother just did and when I said no actually said to me, "You arent't going to do anything about it?"  My response was you just spent twently minutes aggravating about we start with you!?!?!  And I walked away.

I am sorry if the video offends anyone, but seriously I have no words to explain the daily struggle of living with the two Marini brothers amd this video is the closest thing I have ever witnessed that even comes close.

Is it Homecoming time yet?!?!?!