Monday, February 7, 2011

There are two people who want my job!

There are two people who want my job...Their names are Everybody and Nobody!!!!

Lets start with Everybody. You see everybody wants my job... Or what they imagine my job to be. Those who think being in charge is glamorous really want my job. They think having business cards with their name on them and an office is where it's at. Then there are those who think that all decisions I make are wrong and they could make much better ones and make everyone happy. Let's not forget those who think being in charge equals no work and plenty of free time

Let's move onto Nobody. Nobody wants to have to answer the questions when the person who the business card was given to calls. When do do want this? Where do you want this? Are willing to pay for this? And oh! The work that goes on in that coveted office. The decisions that need to be made, the budget, staffing, schedule, the angry clients... The ones that were made angry by everybody and nobody that I have to deal with. The constant stream of emails and phone calls that need to be answered...the never ending stream of paperwork piles on the desk. The decisions that need to be have to weigh the regulations, customer service, the welfare of the employee, the union, and what's best for the entire picture....not just nobody. Nobody always second guesses you and tells you that you could have made a better decision....and most of the time you were put in a position to have to make a decision by everybody and nobody....because they couldn't...or wouldn't take the risk! Finally...I work 13 hour days with no lunch....while everybody and nobody make sure they get a break, a lunch, and they punch out after their 8 hours...on the dot!

So to Everybody and really don't want my couldn't handle my job!