Monday, July 21, 2008

Wedding Weekend!!!!

Ahhh...It's Monday again...but I had a busy weekend...the good, the bad, and the ugly......

I am going to start with the ugly and work my way to the that you can walk away smiling...I just love you all like that!

OK the ugly would be my daughters bathroom and it was astugsting (one of my preschoolers ways of saying distgusting) I have been more than gracious concerning the cleaning of their bathroom and grace for the amount of time they spend working at the school for me and running around doing the things I need them to do for me....but my grace has expired. I refuse to pay this much money for a house.......when half of of it looks like the city dump...soooooo

I took the doors off of their bedrooms AND their bathroom. I cleaned the bathroom from top to bottom and it reaks of clorox...too bad...I needed that much bleach to kill whatever was living in there.

Diva 2 came in and didn't even say a word...she just got a plastic garbage bag and sat on her floor in tears cleaning....I do not feel bad. Diva 1 won't be home until tonight...and I told her that I was going to do it sooner than later.....the time has come!

They can have their doors back when they prove to me they can keep their rooms clean AND they keep the bathroom my standards WITHOUT arguing about whose turn it is to clean it. My hope is that they don't get it together until their dad comes home...because I don't want to lug those doors back up the stairs...

Now the Friday afternoon I am finishing up the work on my desk so I can leave for the day when my cell's Joshua telling me that they broke the window by my front door ...I hung up without saying a word and called Auntie Carolyn who was on her way to the house to take a look and give me the truth about the situation. So she and Grandpa next door fixed it and she attempted to get my kids out of there before I go there...she almost made it:) I had nothing to say...they broke it arguing and I could not trust myself to utter a word.

A couple of hours later two of my 5 husbands (my husband has left several of his friends with instructions to be my other husbands...) called to tell me they secured the window and the house to prevent a break in and that it would probably only cost around $80-$100 to fix the window rather than the $800-$900 I was imagining.

My middle two...the offenders in this case knew not to push my buttons yesterday...they did not talk or argue all day...I acted like I was still mad....I plan on allowing them to think that I am still on the edge and mad at keeps them on their toes.

Now for the adopted little sister Shalei got married Saturday. We spent the night at a hotel in Waikiki Friday night...and have found the perfect room for when DH returns from his travels....jacuzzi tub IN the room...perfect....

Anyway....Saturday morning I went to have my hair done...and I came out looking like June lie...thank God for Monique who was able to fix the mess the salon girl made...we had to start over...from the beginning...I mean I had to rewash my hair start over.

Other than my do.....getting ready went off without a hitch...much thanks to the wedding planner who was more like a drill sargent...but she got the job done. We were ready early and we had to wait for the limo.

I wrote my wedding toast on the way to the country club....made myself cry:) But we arrived there early and had a few moments before we began...just enough time to relax....but not enough time to get nervous.

Shalei looked so beautiful and we had so much she is married and all grown up...until the next time she walks into my office pouting:)


amamin said...

hello my sister
i just wanted to remind you of your brother and sister, not me, who were fighting and also broke mom and dad's glass front door, nicole had to het stitches in her arm. but she did get mcdonalds, something we very rarely got. so in conclusion i just wanted to remind you where you came from, we are after all the griswolds. and if you want to blog about me i won't you

Jill AKA busymom said... dear sister it was them not why is my front window broken? I am working on a blog about your bungee jumping thng with dad.....

Mellie said...

your front window is broken because you have four children that a very unique mixture of you and your strong willed husband. It just so happens that two of those personalities collided that day Griswold. Yes, you are getting your fair share and then some but I must admit it's quite the fashion statement when you walk up to your door - your neighbors will be doing it soon just to be cool!

Miss Hope said...

I got your window beat. My son found paint. Red paint. And went all artist throughout the house.