Wednesday, June 4, 2008

And another thing....

Ms. Hope I did get TWO coffees today! One hot and one cold....

But can someone tell me why my children go through food like lotus? I mean for real I went to Foodland on Sunday and stocked up on lunch and snack supplies...they had an awesome sale.

Last night (Tuesday) there was nothing left....and I am talking about the big bags of individual chips, tons of 32 oz Powerades, bananas, apples, tangerines......all gone!

Do they even bother to eat food or do they just munch through the snacks, hunched over the table looking over their shoulders making sure no one is going to try to take their food? I know that they eat in the living room(even though they swear they don't)......otherwise our snacks have magical wrappers that can jump into the living room from the dining room.

I am considering building a snack know kind of like the bomb shelters they used to have back in the 50's and 60' protect you in case we were ever under attack by bombs...I need to protect the snacks from my kids.....that and my budget.

You hate to tell them they can't eat or to ration their food out...but dang. I also know they hand the snacks out to the they are running a market out in the garage...and if this is the case I want my cut!

I had to go back in and edit this one because I forgot the thing that really spurred this blog today.....

So Tuesday evening after I get home from Bible study and eat a small bag of pretzels for dinner....and get ready to pass out in my bed two of my children decide to tell me that they need snacks for their parties the next day. I have to wonder if my children are brain damaged.....if I have said it once I have said it a thousand need to tell me BEFORE I go to bed that you need something for the next day.

In the perfect world I would be able to buy extra boxes of brownies, cookies, and chips etc for such situations and keep them on hand...but I am not able to because...the lotus will eat even if I plan ahead my attempts are foiled by the bottomless pits I call children!

My favorite is that Diva 2 waited until 9:30 last night to share that she was out of pads....I think I may by those by the truckload and store them in the garage!

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