Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Ok my friends it is 5:30am and I am ready to go to bed and not get up until 4am tomorrow.....but I have too much to do between now and bedtime....

This morning I chose to roll out of bed, jump in the shower, get dressed, and plop a baseball hat on my head...and I only have half my make-up on....not sure if I will find the energy to put the rest on. My glasses are on my face and my contacts are in my pocket. I am thinking that I need more than 5 hours of sleep a night!

My husband can and is fully functional on 5 hours of sleep...as a matter of fact if he gets 5 hours of straight sleep underway he is excited. During one of their last underways before they left he was up for 42 hours straight....this girl would have passed out in control...I would have been snoring and drooling right on the plotter.....so much so that they could have ran a flooding drill.

Prayerfully, by the time our new school year is here we will be fully staffed. You see the state has ratio requirements, so we are bringing our staff on as the ration requires, because there is no sense in paying teachers who have no students. Yesterday we went to two Lead teachers and one Aide. With four more children we will have to hire another aide. Additionally....believe it or not our other three lead teachers all had major surgery within a week of each other, so we are using substitutes for now. Once everyone is healthy and our numbers require all teachers to be present...I will no longer have to work 13+ hours.

I will actually get to sleep in until 6:30am....yes, as sad as it sounds that is sleeping late for me...2 1/2 hours later than I am used to!

There are several problems with me working these crazy hours...two that are really bothering me today...one is that I am too exhausted to work out and eating healthy is a challenge when you have no time to cook or even go to the grocery store....I have hit a stand still in my weight loss challenge!

The other is the lack of time to handle my finances which seem to be handling me at the moment...hopefully this time of rest at home will allow me to get refocused and back on track with both of these issues.

I keep telling myself only so many days and I'll be able to get on a plane and sleep all the way to my mom's....and I can sleep for the next 10 days....but here it is Tuesday and I need a three day nap already!

Hoping you all have a Terrific Tuesday...I know I am going to get some coffee and some time with the Lord...praying for the best!

Just did spell check and it didn't recognize the word underway...yeah its foreign to most people!

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