Sunday, June 22, 2008

Productive Weekend

Was it just a week I ago I wrote that it was time to go home already? Wow time flies...unless of course you are waiting for your hubby to return from sea *sigh*

Well, this weekend was busy and mighty productive and amazingly relaxing. Friday night began with me ending my fast with some Panda Express orange chicken (note to chicken is not the best way to end a fast) and painting for VBS at the church. It was a great time with friends painting and fellowship. Rick even called and we passed the phone around so that he could talk to all the people he misses.

Saturday morning started at an early 6:30am Breakthrough prayer. Now let me say that going to prayer that early in the morning is not something that comes easy and is usually proceeded by some arguing with my flesh. But this week was the bobbdigity (yes I did say that and no Mel it is not real word) It was a right on time word for right where I am. I prayed with Children's Ministry and was off for coffee and supplies for VBS work.

After a meeting I was on my way to VBS preps. We started at 10 am and finished at 9pm. Don't freak on me here...we made stops to eat, run to the store for more supplies, and of course ferry my kids all around the island. It was a very relaxing and productive time. This was due much to the fact that my friend Ms Ella had Zach and he spent the day and night with her and her family...they so rock in my eyes! Me and Mellie accomplished all we set out to do with a lot of talking and laughing going on.

Early Sunday morning I hit the floor running after a nice long chat with Rick on the phone. Once I got to church it was full steam ahead. Today our ministry honored the graduates who graduated from high school and college. So I ran down the street and got my certificate and ran down the street back to the Children's Ministry.

Once church was over the transformation began...we changed our ordinary children's ministry into a Power Lab complete with beakers and flashing lights. The turn out for help was overwhelming and we were done by 5pm. Not bad considering church went long and didn't end until 1pm.

I even had time to come home, clean, work out, and cook (ok reheat something...but I used the stove)

I may be MIA this week....plenty to do at the lab...but I will send pictures and updates when I can. Or if I get a bee in my bonnet I will of course have to share it with you all....ranting and raving to myself just isn't as much fun as sharing with you!

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