Tuesday, June 10, 2008

OJ's Graduation

You , all may be wondering why I am posting about all of these graduations....well to me they are the beginning of the next stage of my life. You see D and OJ (I'm not being funny here...this is what they go by) are the two young gentleman that begin that journey for me...and several other parents. My daughter, along with three other very close seniors will graduate next June. While we are counting down the days until she graduates..I'm almost positive that I am not ready for this stage.....

Anyway....OJ's graduation was the perfect example of why I love the family God has given me in Hawaii...we were all there sharing in his accomplishments....like a family should!
OJ has come into his own over the last year or so...finding a confidence and strength that we had not seen fully before. We all watched, biting our nails as he played in the state Basketball Finals, crying as they were robbed in overtime by one point. This confidence and positive attitude was shining bright as he hammed it up for his fans (aka his family) on graduation night!
Pictures: OJ and his other little sister...Britt, Oj waving to his adoring fans, and the Woods Family celebrates!

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