Thursday, June 19, 2008

True Friends

Have you ever wondered what a true friend was or looked like?

To me a true friend is not one you have to ask for their help everytime you need it.....most of the time true friends know when you need help and will make you take their help whether you want it or not for your own good.

A true friend does not keep score of how many times they have been there for you or how many times you have been their for them...they just embrace the fact that they know that when you need each other you will both be available.

A true friend does not hold you back from what is good for you...even when it takes time away from your relationship with them.

A true friend does not ask why you will or will not do something...they know without asking your stance and respect that stance.

A true friend will take some crazy pictures to send you hubby while he is on deployment.

A true friend knows when you need a hug, a card, a text, a piece of candy, a cup of coffee, and a swift kick in the pants.....and is able to deliver all of them with love and a smile. AND when that friend is operating under true friendship, you receive it....whether you want it or not.

A true friend has seen you at your worst and loves you more because of it.

I thank God for all the true friends He has blessed me with and I pray that I can be just as good friend.


Mellie said...

your last comment... I thank God because I have been blessed with a good friend or two in my life. I'm not sure I've been that good of a friend, but I know I do work on it - I thank God for the friends that stick with me while I work on it though! Thank you for being a true friend to me.

Miss Hope said...

I have three gals who help my world stay on its wobbly axis. I thank God for them each and every day.