Wednesday, June 25, 2008

God Blessed Me Today!!!

God blessed me today with an hour and a half of extra sleep.....translation....I overslept! I rolled over wondering why I was waking up before the alarm clock, opened one eye and saw that it was light outside, jumped up and looked at the read 5:30am. I was suppose to have been at work for a half an hour already!

So I jumped out of bed threw on some clothes (at first I thought I had put Britt's pants on....but when I weighed myself later I found that they were indeed mine and that I had grew!), bushed my teeth, and pulled my hair up. I made it to work by 5:55am, to find a parent had just pulled up about five minutes before that!

So I waited for Shalei to come in then I ran home for a shower and some pants that fit!!!!!

Now, I am at my desk typing furiously to keep all of you updated....and too look busy!

VBS makes me want to cry...actually I did cry a little last night. Because you see VBS is not only for the kids...its for the adults and teens also. I saw adults that I would have never gotten to volunteer in Children's Ministry working with the kids and loving every moment of it(I see some future children's ministry teachers.....look out I am on the prowl!) I saw the adults who work the stations, dinner, and registration talking and chatting...complete with ministering going on.

Our station leaders really are the bombdiggity this year. They are on the ball and have brought more to the table than ever before. There were kids walking around with things and sayings that we had never heard....after more research we found that he station leaders had gone all out with their props and preparation. I am confident that next year they will be completely ready in May....shhh don't tell them but I already know what the theme will be next year! They put so much of themselves into what they are doing I know they will be abundantly blessed.

Our parents have come out and seen a completely different side of what children's ministry has to offer...I know we rocked their socks off!

The teens are really having a great time! This is where I cried last night....imagine 67 kids and 54 adults/teens shouting out to the Lord. Imagine the teens praising and worshipping along side the younger is an amazing thing. Anyone who thinks ..."It's just Vacation Bible School" has never experienced VBS. I had my first VBS experience three years ago as an adult.....and it was amazing!

So....tonight is day three and we get ice cream floats.......God gives us the power to be helpful.....AHA!

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Mrs. Em said...

I know I don't get to comment often...but I am reading! I'm so glad that VBS has been a blessing to you and so many others. I'm interested as to what the theme will be next year....