Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Monday That Won't Die....

Ok...so we go to the cheerfabulous meeting...and God smiled on me:) The Cheer Queen actually had to apologize to everyone because of all the confusion and inconsistency. Apparently, the co-coach bailed on her with only 26 hours advance notice and she has been juggling everything by herself for the last two weeks. It is so wrong for me to think that maybe if some more of the cheer leaders in high school had bailed to join the real world, the rest of them might have had to deal with us commoners making for a much more enjoyable time?

Anyway I will email her tomorrow and offer my assistance in anyway...because that's what us commoners do!

We got to the MRI and it went very quickly...the trip there with Zman and Diva 1 arguing about the radio station, movie, CD that they wanted to hear was longer and much more painful than that.

Zman decides to wait until we are on H1 to tell me he has to go to the bathroom...I tell the poor boy he has no choice but to hold it. As I pull out into the driveway, he vaults out of the truck and runs into the house. By the time I get the truck backed in and turned off there is a great deal of yelling coming from the house.

J was in the bathroom and wouldn't let his brother who was about to explode in the bathroom. So instead of doing the smart thing and running upstairs to use one of the other two bathrooms he stands there yelling through the door. This brings Diva 2 over to join in....she is always game for yelling at anyone. I came into the house and tell him to run upstairs and use another bathroom....duh!

So I put all my stuff down and go upstairs to use my bathroom. When I get to the top of the stairs there is this awful stench. I walk into the Diva's powder room (which spends much more time smelling locker roomish than powder roomish) and the zman is on the throne surrounded by brown smelly poo....it's everywhere!

I need to take some time right now to explain that one of the Diva's is a germaphobe......really to a serious degree....so I knew I had to clean the poo up before she saw it. So I had him dispose of his brown underwear and I scrubbed the bathroom...it's now 9:30 pm and I am just getting home for the day....I had left at 4:50 am.

So here comes Diva 2 up the stairs to take a shower....she comes to look for some spray....and I knew it exactly where it was because I had just doused my whole side of the house with it....because ..wow...it was bad! Thankfully, she only noticed the smell and had no idea the destruction that had been cleaned up.

I am able to shower and get zman showered and in his pj's. Along comes Diva 1 to show me something that is bothering her on her chest...deal with that and her comes Diva 2 and your NEVER going to guess what she had to share with me.......and I blame my mother for this.....

Last week we were talking about the things she would need to buy at the store before we got there and she told me not to worry that there were pads and tampons at the house. I told her ...hellloooo I don't need them anymore and Diva 2 doesn't have her period yet. To which she replied...watch her get it before you leave......

Do you see where this is going? I think Diva 2 got her period...which doesn't make Diva 1 happy...because it has been something she has been able to hold over her sisters head...the fact that she has it and she doesn't. So Diva 1 gets all defensive and crusty when I ask if we have any pads.......hellooooooo helllllooooo Can you even believe they were arguing over PMS.....

Now my house is completely silent...except for the fish tank in zmans room that I refuse to add more water to because it sounds like a waterfall...its very calming. I am hoping that I can offically put this Monday to bed......


Miss Hope said...

There are times in my home where I sit in my glider rocker furiously rocking while chaos reigns around me. I go to that quiet place inside while yelling goes on around me and I wonder what on earth made me have three kids???

Then they laugh.

Or I see them sitting on the couch together watching a show.

They hug me.

And I know it's worth it all in the end.

Know you are not alone, Sister!

Mellie said...

You know I talked to you before the Zman attack and Diva 2 announcement. I was already praying for you to have peace in your life, and that was before you had to deal with all that. I'm soooo counting down the days for you until you fly away.