Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Mullet

I am still recovering from the flight home...across the country with my three children so I am not digging very deep here today. But I would like to comment on my sisters Cole's comment in the previous post....the hair style that Buffalo will not let die.

This would be the mullet...I cannot tell you how many mullet's I saw while I was at home. What is wrong with these people do they not understand that the mullet has been dead and buried for years? Everywhere I looked there was a was like Old McDonald had a a mullet, there a mullet, everywhere a mullet.....

My sister and I went to Tops for milk (LONNNGGG story...but you will here about it for many years I am sure). Anyway as we were pulling out of the parking lot there was just the biggest truck with numerous hillbillies (yes there are hillbillies in NY..and is hillbillies one word or two?) inside. We just looked at each other and said, "Is everyone around here a hillbillie?

I don't understand the refusal to allow the mullet to die. It was not great while it was here and now that it has overstayed it's welcome it is even less attractive than it was back then.

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