Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My Eyes Are Crossing......

Yes, I am so tired my eyes are crossing. It's not a bad tired, just a simple tired. It is Tuesday of Vacation Bible School week....if you have ever experienced something like this you understand...if you haven't let me see if I can help.

Imagine planning for an activity for a year to six months, with such dedication that you eat, sleep, and dream ideas and thoughts. Then you begin creating the atmosphere and paper work, organize the workers, children, food, and about a thousand other things. Then you put together an amazing set and wonders that will catch the eyes of those children that God is calling. You walk away from the creation with immense satisfaction and peace.

Then it begins....five nights......anywhere from 60-100 children a night......62 adult/teen volunteers......While you are exhausted and you can't even fathom where you will get the energy to make it to the closing prayer on Friday....you have this goofy smile on your face and you are singing and humming catchy little tunes from Praise and Worship all day.

It's like magic.....but it's not...its a gift from God....it's called anointing. It is His power and strength that get you through the long days and short nights. It's about reaching His children....young and old....planting seeds that will remain with these children their whole lives. Ask anyone who ever attended VBS as a child.....they have vivid, detailed memories of those times. It is a gift that only God can give and we are only the vessels He uses to create those memories and lay the foundation of His love in the lives of these children.

None of this is done by one person, but by a group of people put together for such a time as this. I am blessed to have a sister in Christ that I have appointed the VBS director...she is most gifted in creating the excitement in the adults to reach the children for the Lord and exciting the children to want more of the Lord. The rest of the team is made up of dedicated and committed volunteers who act just like kids for a week.

The fellowship from beginning to end is amazing. It begins with the prep work...painting, meeting, shopping, organizing, and paperwork. It continues as the teams come together each night and work with one thing in mind...reaching the children for God. However, in that an amazing thing happens.....God works in the adults as well. Last night I saw two ladies who really don't get along....sit....laugh....and talk for hours.

The amazing power of God that is displayed gets me through the petty complaints and minor mishaps...because adults....this week it isn't about us.....it's about the kids. So remember to check yourselves....and your attitudes at the door....does your issue or complaint really that important that you would allow it to get in the way of what God is doing here? Ask yourself that before you allow it to leave your mouth....and better yet....ask yourself before you allow it to set up camp in your heart and mind.


PS.....They have a contest going on......for the next four days it is girls against the boys to see who can take the most up in an offering for the missions project. If the girls win they choose an adult male to slime on Friday....If the boys win they chose an adult woman to slime. (Why is it when Tonia said that Mona stood behind me and pushed me forward slightly...lol) Please pray that the girls represent and keep the sisters clean!

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