Thursday, June 19, 2008

Am I A Bad Mother?

Ok, so I went upstairs and opened Diva 1's door to find both Diva's sitting on the bed with empty candy wrappers all around them, phones in their hands and a guilty look on their faces. As soon as I asked them what they were doing, they busted out laughing.

Apparently, they were crank calling the 800 numbers on the back of all the candy companies and asking them crazy questions or making equally crazy suggestions. For example they called the makers of Sour Patch Kids demanding to know why the actual pieces of candy did not have faces like those shown on the bag. They called Twizler and asked them why all their candy had to be red. Dove refused to talk to them...can ya blame them?

Next they moved on to calling their Aunt Cole, blocking their number, asking her to buy Girl Scout cookies....unreal.

But here is the reason why I ask if I'm a bad mom....I didn't stop them....this is why: These two haven't gotten along for at least two years ( I may be exaggerating...but not by much) and because they found something that caused them to get along, I did not want to interrupt the flow of sisterly does that make me a bad mom?

I mean if they were committing a crime or they appeared to be thinking about going all Thelma and Louise on me then I would have stopped them...but were they really doing any harm?

Pray for me!

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Miss Hope said...

I've found my two girls in similar situations. I went around the corner the other day and heard them talking. A quick glance showed them laying on the older's bed ...just talking. My heart squeezed and I turned and walked away as quiet as I could.

Here's hoping our girls find each other more often than not.