Friday, June 27, 2008

It's Friday

Well it's Friday of VBS week and I am so tired that as I sit here my eyes are leaking. I am not crying my eyes are watering from exhaustion. But my friends it is worth it....because 35 children gave their lives to Christ last night......35 out of the 74 in attendance, and a good number of the reamining 74 have already made a commitment to Christ. It is an amazing thing that God has done this week.

The children were soooo excited and enjoyed each and every activity. The teens and adult volunteers are having a ball.....several of them asked if we could do it for two weeks next year......I am going to have to pray about that! The fellowship has been amazing for all ages!

I am so thankful and now maybe there are tears running down my face!

1 comment:

Miss Hope said...

I sure got some Holy Ghost Bumps just imagining the children going forward. What blessings!!!

I would have been a pure happy sobbing mess.