Monday, June 2, 2008

Monday Monday!!!

Well today has been a FABULOUS Monday....

I went online to pay my cell phone bill expecting it to be around $150...well imagine my surprise when it was $1112!!!! When Rick left I had his number suspended for 6 months because he has all the Internet and stuff on his phone. I asked them at least five times if it was going to mess my plan up...and of course they said, "NO." But of course it did. We had tons of rollover minutes and we never went over....but they altered our plan and took some of our rollover minutes which caused us to go over. The nice lady gave me a credit....but my bill was way over the $150 I thought it would be.

So then I go home to get Britt for cheer leading and I find a nice letter from my student loan company informing me that since I am no longer enrolled as a student my loan payments will start in 6 months.....Umm I am in the middle of a class, with three more to go before I am done.

So I called and the nice man informed me that it happens all the time with this school and all I had to do was have them update the records tomorrow. He was nice enough to inform me that there was another deposit scheduled to be made to my account with the school on the 10th to the tune of $5000 which they failed to cancel. Of course they were making sure they were getting their money while they screwed me!

I was able to call and schedule Britt's MRI....for the day I flew back home. I am cool with that.

Now on to cheer leading.....I have to be honest I did not like cheerleaders in high school...and I really don't like these coaches who one in fact is old enough to be one of those I did not like in high school....I have dubbed her "The Cheer Queen" So Cheer Queen has called a mandatory meeting for the parents tonight at 6pm.

While I am hot about the short notice...I am looking forward to giving The Cheer Queen a piece of my mind. You see....we signed a contract stating that we agreed to abide by all the conditions put forth by Cheer royalty. I was cool with that...however, what I am not cool with is the fact that I am expected to abide by all of their rules and conditions..and I am apparently not allowed to expect anything from them.

Organization, communication, and permission slips are all things I am not able to expect from the royalty. I am not allowed to expect them to be on site to supervise the girls at the mandatory gym across town, nor am I expected to sign a release for this trip. I agreed to drive one way in the afternoon if another parent can drive back into town.....the Queen said great...but never organized anything. So Queenie I have a list of expectations I plan on sharing with you today........................The first one is that we are not in high school anymore and the rest of us are not her subjects or her underlings.....look out!

Oh Yeah! In the mean time the MRI dude calls back and asks me if I want to come in today @ 8:30pm for Britts MRI because they had a cancellation. Every exhausted cell in my body screamed.NOOOOOOOOOO!! However, logic won out because I know I am not going to want to drive to the hospital the night I land. Additionally, I know she wants off those I will be sitting in the MRI place with Zman at odark thirty .

Monday was absolutely Fabulous Darling!!!!!!

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