Tuesday, May 20, 2008

White Girls Can't Jump!!!!

Ok...let me start this out with a disclaimer for those of you who don't know me like THAT:) My family has a little more soul than most.....not because we are trying to imitate or be something we are not.....mostly because children are a product of their environment. This environment just so happens to be full of soul....that's all...that's it.....no prejudice meant in the title.


Saturday both of my daughters decided to play basket ball with the BIG boys.....my girls probably have never been on a basketball court before this...oh wait! Yes, they have they are both cheerleaders...so they have at least cheered on one before. So, they decided they would play with the kids from the youth group. However, most of these kids play on some sort of team or in leagues...... From what I am told it was a game of 21, played half court with 18 players. Now for those of you who don't know 21 was meant to be played full court, with 3-5 players.

So I get the first text......Princess 2....mom I think I just broke my arm. Call and check on her she says she's ok. 15 minutes later Princess 1 calls...mom I fell and scraped up my hands and knees....I supermanned across the court. Supermanning in this case is her flying across the court hands out stretched in the superman pose.

Uncle Jay and Aunt Kat bring them home....LOVE them!! They get all bandaged up and we head out to the Children's Ministry graduation. Nobody seems worse for ware.

Well, the next morning there is plenty of moaning and groaning as we head out the door. More moaning at church by Princess 2. (Now, I need to add that Princess 2 tends to be a little on the dramatic side so it is often hard to discriminate between true pain and theatrical pain.)

All through the night they kept feeling the need to wake me up and tell me they couldn't sleep....well....I can so leave me asleep and we will go to the doctors in the morning. I get up Monday morning and call the adolescence clinic....no appointments....but the Doctor wanted us to come in at 9am and he would see us when he could. We arrived at 9am.....well I dropped them off at the front door at 9am.....and then I drove around for 40 minutes waiting for a parking spot...that's a whole other blog.

Around 11am the doctor has a few minutes...we go back ...another disclaimer.....my daughters have a very high tolerance for pain...so they were laughing and joking and having fun. So because of their dispositions the doctor seemed sceptical of the seriousness of their injuries. He sent us down to xray.....and on the way out Britt's knee gave and we heard this huge popping noise...gross.

We get back upstairs and the doctor says..."Ok, Britt's knee has too much swelling and fluid for me to see the damage, we are going to put her on crutches and schedule an MRI when the swelling goes down. Becky just has soft tissue damage, but I want her in a sling. We wait for the sling...here comes our wonderful doctor...ok he says....the Chief xray tech and the peds xray tech reviewed Becca's films and her elbow is indeed fractured...so she needs to keep the sling on 24/7.

All I could do is laugh...the doctor was finding the whole thing a little overwhelming and humorous himself. So I sat in the waiting room giggling...right alone with my girls...who between them make a whole being at the moment!

Those people who know us are not shocked that both of them are injured....if it could happen to anyone...it would be our family!

Uncle Jay feels bad.....but I assured him it truly is not his fault...my girls should have known better.....and now they know....white girls can't jump!

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Amaris's Mom said...

Well I truly feel that it has nothing to do with their color. Because this black girl can't jump.