Thursday, May 15, 2008

Communicating with Minors I have to go here today after all......

What part of I ran the dishwasher...unload it..... Is confusing or misleading to you? Let me tell you what it does not mean. It does not mean take all the dirty dishes and throw them in there with the clean ones and walk away. It does not mean look at me with that state of confusion look on your face when I call you back to the house to ask you what the Happy Hippo you were thinking when you put dirty dishes in the dishwasher with clean ones!

Cleaning your room does not mean to throw everything into your walk in closet and close the door......BECAUSE in case you have not noticed gifted child...... that is the first place I look when you convince me that your room is clean...every time..... the first place.

I am about to start making all of you sign contracts when we have conversations because.... if .....I hear you say one more time that...... I never told you to do that...when I know that I Drippin Dragon did...I may lose it!

Here are some more communication clues for dealing with minors....

1. Mom there is water on the floor in the bathroom...means I flooded the bathroom and now I'm going outside.

2. Mom I'm out of tampons/toilet paper/asthma medicine.....means....either I used the last bit quite a while ago and was to busy minding my own business to tell you...or...I just used the last bit and I need some right I'm spotting and can't breath and oh yeah I have poop!

3. Mom can I go to the movies? me and my friends want you to drive us to the movies and we live in Aiea, Mililani, Waianae, Ewa, and Hawaii Kai AND we want you to drive us and can I have some money?

4. Mom I have a project....means...Mom I have a project that is due tomorrow and I need your help and we need to go to the store.

5. Mom Josh and I got into a fight after school means....we broke your lamp.

6. Mom their picking on me at the park I caused problems at the park when I was teasing the girls or aggravating the boys and now they want to kick my butt.

7. Mom I cleaned my room and did my chores.....means....I have a big favor to ask you!

8. Mom I need to show you something (On Sunday evening.) means.... I have my report card...I got my report card Wednesday but I waited to show it to you until Sunday night because I didn't want to be grounded all weekend!

You can
You will
You shall
Learn to listen to the words coming out of my mouth

You can
You will
You shall
Wake up and smell the coffee
I can
I will
I shall
Put you on a lock down like you have never seen
BrittJoshBeckZach YOU ARE!!!!!


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Miss Hope said...

And you can't trust the buggers to do what you tell them to. Oh, the hard lessons I have learned when I've told the oldest to do something...EXPECTED her to do it..and had the nerve to be SHOCKED when she didn't do it. AND she still expected to go somewhere and for me to give her money to go.

I've threatened many times to run screaming into the night. And they don't understand why.....