Friday, May 16, 2008

Lord, help us all! I have been piddling around for the last 15 minutes trying to decide what to write about....and as always talking to my children has given me inspiration....sigh

So last night there was a "discussion" about whose alarm clock was whose. Diva Daughter #2 insisted it was hers Noisemaker Son #1 claimed it was his. So after a 20 minute "discussion" about whose it was I told Diva2 that if she wanted the alarm clock soooo very badly that she could give the cell phone to her brother...since he would need something to wake him up.

Well, she wasn't having any of she wisely backed off. You see her phone is broken and Noisy Boy got his taken I gave it to her so one of them would have a phone when they take the bus.

So, this morning when I called to make sure they were up.....Diva asked if she had to give the phone to Josh....because he was insisting that is what I said last night.

My question is come he can remember a statement that I made (and twist it to say what he wants it to by the way) and be adamant about it happening. But he cannot remember certain rules and chores he has been living and doing for at least 7 years? How come he can't remember to sweep the floor everyday after school or to clean his room, or to not call his sister names .....but he can remember a comment I made about the phone?

Sometimes we are like that with God....we tend to overlook the commandments we are called to live by for our own spiritual well being....but we are always quick to ask God for a blessings or to remember a promise He made us.

Lord, please help me to not react like my children and overlook what is required of me as your child. Help me to obey your every command or small whisper you place in my life AND because of my obedience bless me according to your will. Help me to not see you only as a parent who gives, but also as one who deserves honor, respect, and obedience.

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