Thursday, May 22, 2008

Crazy Drivers....

This morning I was sitting in the classroom with two of the babies watching Prince of Egypt contemplating what to write about. I came up with nothing....because I just don't want to write to write, I want what I say to give something to someone. I want to be used by God to allow people to relate to Him or each other. I want this blog to be more than my opinions...disclaimer....they may show up from time to time...because after all I am flesh:)

Even yesterdays blog about people seemed like my flesh and I had to rewrite it a couple of times...I knew I was suppose to write it....and I am glad I did...because Amaris's Mom was able to let go of somethings. AND let me say right here and now that she is so much more than Amaris's mom....I wish she could see herself how I see anointed woman of God, whose gift of dance is being perfected in the Lord, who ministers with such grace to those who she touches. If I could give her a screen name it would be Woman of Grace. I researched the word...and she exemplifies the Old Testament meaning of, loving kindness, sweetness, favor, and goodwill....that's her. early this morning I wrote nothing.....then I got in the truck for the 5 mile trip that takes me an hour to complete each morning. For those of you who have never visited Ewa Beach, Hawaii the traffic and the people in the traffic are unexplainable. As I sat in the truck and watched the audacity of some of my fellow commuters I knew I would blog about it today.

However, as I sat there...something I only do in the car...just sit there, God gave me something.....Just as there are different types of drivers on the road there are different types of Christians or church members.

Let's take the clueless wonder that thinks its ok to stick their arm out the window and wiggle their fingers at you, attempting to get your attention, so that they can cut in front of you. These are the Christians that do their own thing and when they find that their stuff is not in order they want to wave their hands at you to get you to help them fix it. Now, I am not against helping your fellow man, but we all know those ones who constantly do what they want until they get into trouble and need some one to bail them out....that is aggravating. Why can't they just get in line and pay attention to the world around them, listening to God, so they are in the right lane when they are suppose to be.

Next comes those who speed along in either the right or left lane to avoid waiting when they know the lane ends and they need to get over...and then cut everyone off at the last minute. WHY WHY WHY do people think that what they are doing and where they are going is so much more important than where and what everyone else is doing? These people are the ones in the church who believe that their gifts and callings or ministries are more important than others. The ones who hog the rehearsal time or meeting rooms, don't feel the need to follow proper procedures and rules ....ect.

I have a confession to make on this one...this is how I deal with the above driver on the way to my son's school....we come across the four way stop and there are two lanes that will eventually merge into one. When we come across most people get in the left lane, where we will all end up....unless there is no room then we get in the right lane and merge as we move on. Well some people feel the need to come across the intersection and get into the right lane, zoom past everyone and then cut people off. I have taken to positioning my monster truck just between the two lanes so those zooming up cannot pass me.....heeeeelllllooooo. It's not right of me...but I cannot deal with such blatant ignorance so early in the morning...pray for me!

Let's move we have the one who is just putt-putting along with no clue as to where they are going and what they are doing. Those are the Christians that go to church to go to church...there is no relationship and no purpose in their lives. They just frustrate people and stand in their way with the self-righteous and religious attitudes.

Finally, we have those who have learned to merge every other car, obey the speed limit, drive with courtesy and respect. These are the Christians who understand that we are trying to get to heaven and that no ones gifts, talents, or ministries are more important than anyone elses...that we are to make up one body and do all that we can to get that whole body to heaven.

God....I want to the driver that understands we are all moving in the same direction......

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Mellie said...

I wanna be that driver too, but I feel like I have some more rules to learn, and ALOT more nice driving classes to take.