Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Super Sweet 16

Ok...so I am from the MTV generation...the real MTV...money for nothing and my kicks for free MTV. Back then it was about music and video's....now I have no idea what they are going for.

At this point in my life the only shows I watch on VH1 or MTV are the ones where they take you down memory lane....catching all that made the 80's something that those of us born in that era cannot seem to let go. So yesterday while at the doctors(oh yes the trip to Tripler gave me several issues to blog on....I am just pacing myself!) My Super Sweet 16 on MTV was on in the waiting room. OMG!!!! was that stuff for real? Even my daughters thought that stuff was over the top.

The little darlings(ok...so what they really were is not a nice word and I will NOT say it) were demanding, spoiled, obnoxious, and down right ugly(not physically).

For those of you who live in a safe world like I do and have no idea what the show is about let me enlighten you. The show is a reality type that takes you through the process of these little darlings planning their Super Sweet 16 parties...parties where the bill that their parents pay often would pay off half my mortgage!

One girl was dripping in $75K of diamonds....and you should have heard her as they bought them....can you say gag me with a spoon? Anyway, one wanted to look like Barbie....and searched all through New Orleans for a hot pink dress that made her and her fake boobs look the part(they had to be fake!) And each and everyone of those little darlings got new cars at their parties...and they weren't Toyota's either! One girl wanted a circus act in the hotel and was so horribly offended...crying offended that the hotel would not allow the circus performers to hang from the ceiling....heeeeellllllooooooooo!

The drama and the issues these chicks had had me laughing out loud....one mom turned around and was agreeing with me. My daughters were quite amused by the program.

But as I thought about it....it made me mad. Here MTV is portraying this as normal and acceptable...normal for girls to have $200k Sweet 16's and normal to be allowed to act so disrespectful to their parents and adults.

Am I blaming MTV for America's youth being confused and misled....I guess they are partly to blame......but not as much as the stupid parents footing the bills for those parties and allowing their children to talk to them like they are trash!

What happened to Video Killed the Radio Star and I Want My MTV?

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Miss Hope said...

The parents catering to these brats are high. Seriously.

I watched half of one of these shows before I had to turn it off in disgust. My oldest likes it because she laughs at how stupid these kids act.