Friday, May 16, 2008

Careful what you ask for......

Did you ever have something that you prayed, believed, begged, and just asked for with everything within you? Something that you trusted would happen all in God's timing, knowing it was His will for your life. Knowing that it was meant to be. You spent hours, days, and years dreaming about it..............and when it happens you are so blown away.......until reality hits.

It has happened to all of us, we pray and ask with all that is within us and are truly sincere about what we are believing God for. I believe that when we are trusting God for Him to bring our blessings to come to pass we focus on the positive things of the blessings and not the possible negative ones. So when we finally begin to walk in our blessings the negative is very apparent.

As prospective: home buyers, parents, business owners, graduates, drivers, newlyweds....ect we give some but little thought to the negatives of the situation we are seeking...

Prospective home buyers realize they will have to do repairs to their home and pay taxes. But being met with the problem of no hot water after a long day at work because the hot water heater went during the day and pay day is three days away is another reality.

Prospective parents have been told they will have endless sleepless nights, but nothing can prepare them for being awake with a screaming baby for three days straight....unshowered, hungry, and brain dead. AND let's not even get started on the reality of parenting teenagers.

Prospective business owners have been told that before they are in the blue they will spend much time in the red and that the business will become their lives. But until they have to face a payroll to which you have no roll...or work 13 hour days.....

Prospective graduates are anticipating being done with all the "work" of school and nobody telling them what to do that when they find that looking for, obtaining, and working a job is more work than school they are shocked.

Prospective drivers or car owners dream of the open road....they are shocked when the cost of the open road is $3.87 a gallon...driving was suppose to be a means to freedom.

Prospecive!!! They go into it with their eyes shut.....but bam! Once the honeymoon is over they have to learn how to merge two different styles of living into one, learn how to negotiate how to roll the toothpaste and how the toilet paper goes on the thingy.

So, I said all that to say.....when God blesses you with the desires of your had better know that anything worth having is going to take some effort to keep.

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Mrs. Em said...

Amen! As I look around our new house...thank you for the reminder. :)