Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The weekend....

As the long weekend approaches we have such high hopes for the things we will accomplish and the rest we will get and before we know it....it's the Monday night before the Tuesday that will actually be a Monday. Where did the time go? How did we not accomplish all the things we set out to do?

Well. Friday evening began with a trip to Sizzlers for a dinner with former fellow teachers from Grace Christian Academy. It was a nice time, but would have been better if we would have had more room to move around and fellowship. But we decided on a date for our second annual reunion.

Then the keiki (kids...for you non Hawaii kind people!) and I went to Borders. Now the two younger ones and I are readers.....Becca already finished her book and is lurking to get some more by the same author that her sister has and Zac is focused and reading his book. Joshua does not like to read...but did want the movie..Outsiders.

I would have loved to come home and read the night away, but my eyes had other plans and kept closing. Saturday morning I got to sleep in for the first time in over two months. It was amazing. The I got up and cleaned and made the keiki clean also....that was fun! We had a birthday party in the afternoon and that served to tire them out:)

I had to make a trip to Costco....I know.....HATE it on Saturday afternoons. So I load my cart up with snacks for Children's Ministry for....four weeks. Now that's alot of snacks.....16 cases of Kirkland juice to be exact. So the nice cart man loaded my cart as the cashier rang my bill up. As I am walking out their is someones Tutu in front of me (grandma). She is crawling along at a snails pace.....looking everywhere but where she is going....then bam! She stops in the middle of the aisle....as I scurry to bring my cart to a halt...so I don't run into her...two of the cases of juice slide off the front of the cart and bump her foot. She turned around and gave me stink eye...ummm helllloooooo maybe you should watch where you are going Tutu! Her friend pulls her head out of an unknown location and says..."Oh! did she run into you?" To which I replied, "No! I did not run into her....the juice slide off my cart and bumped her foot shen she came to complete stop in a line of people moving out!" She acted so hurt...her foot was not even red...she was putting on quite the act....but even the lady at the door acted like she didn't see her drama.

I mean come on...maybe they should put some kind of sign up or make announcements that say...Please keep the line moving, do not stop or leave the ride for any reason, doing so may cause bodily harm. I mean come on...how do stop dead center of a line that is moving? She is probably the same lady who was having trouble finding her way out of the parking lot!

That evening I went to dinner and a movie with Carolyn...What Happens in Vegas...pretty good clean flick. Maybe that should be my motto when I go to Costco....What Happens in Costco stays in Costco. Next on my list is Maid of Honor.

Sunday of course was church. Now this is where it got kind of yucky...not the church part...the church people part. You see I have four high maintence children...this is not anything new to me. AND it is not anything new to the people at church. HOWEVER, this Sunday a comment was made that really hurt me. It hurt for several reasons....1. I have done nothing but support this person...100% 2. The persons child is young and has no idea what can and will happen with her in a couple of years....personalities change and they may pick things up at school that you would rather they don't. That's all I have to say on that because I am truly hurt.

After church I left the kids to clean their rooms and ran away to get a pedicure. Thankfully none of them called me to tattle or nag...they just stayed in their rooms and cleaned. I then cleaned my room and bathroom from top to bottom....gotta be a good example you know!

Sunday night I attempted to clean out some of the drv shows that were sitting there and read my little heart out. I slept in again Monday morning...ahhhh. I got up at around 9:30 and cleaned, watched dvr' shows and read.....besides a little straightening up and laundry I did nothing....absolutely nothing.

The sad thing is...I didn't clean out the truck or wash it like I wanted to......but maybe I'll make Joshua do it tonight.

So I am wresting with the whole comment about my kids thing.....I know I should forgive and move on...that's the right thing to do. AND I want to I really do ....because after all our friends are human and they will let us down....I am sure I have let people down and I would want the same.


Miss Hope said...

The comment was about what is close to your heart...your kids. Why can't you be hurt over it? I have found in my advanced (ha ha) years...sometimes the whole issue is resolved if I casually make mention that my feelings were indeed hurt. Because I've also found that even though I pray and pray about it...it still can sometimes fester a little and get all agitated. I'd rather clean that slate good than let it come back to haunt me later.

Just my little thought on it.

Glad you got to relax a little bit. I'm still waiting on that to happen here!

Mellie said...

oh, you know I'm with Miss Hope on this one. Hello?! Truth in love should be my motto. I say tell that friend you were hurt - it's called communication, and really if that friend is anything like me, the words came out of her head before she even knew the effect of them.