Friday, May 2, 2008

Good Moms.........

Ok I have a all good mom's constantly feel like bad mom's? I can answer this for myself....I know I am a good mom....but most of the time I feel like the worst one in the world!

I feel like all I do is referee, redirect, correct, fuss, hollar, and give out attitude adjustments! Motherhood is not at all how I thought it would be.........I know there are ladies out there who bask in motherhood....but then again I guess it makes a difference who you are mothering.

I LOVE my kids...I really really do! But they do not fall far from the tree......Rick and I are both strong-willed.....I will admit HE can be hardheaded (lol) at times.....and we are natural born leaders. Well.... our children are all like us....all four of them......can you imagine having 6 people with the above mentioned personality traits living under one roof peaceably?

I have given birth to great debaters, prosecutors, defense attorney's, and maybe a WWF belt winner. There is a teacher in the group, a rock star-Navy Seal, a scientist (maybe a mad one), and an engineer. I try my absolute best to help them channel all of the natural "gifts" without loosing it...I really really do. But after a week of working 13 + hour days my "channeling" skills are weak.

A simple trip to the commi with all four of them (which is something I try to do ONLY when Rick is with me.....and then I walk away and leave the 5 of them to their "gifts") is enough to push one over the edge.

Did I mention that serious case of always having to have the last word? One child even tried to refer themselves to Jeremiah in the Bible...their words....are shut-up inside them and have to come know Jeremiah said God's words were shut up like fire in his bones. Lord, help me.

The leader in all of them "requires" that butt their nose into each others business and try to order each other around.....then the leader in the one they are trying to order around rebels at the thought of someone else telling them what to do and a huge argument breaks out. When the A/C is on I lock my bedroom door and turn the radio up LOUD and ignore them....but with the windows open I have to intervene...because my neighbors would not appreciate hearing my daughters arguing about a hairbrush at 6@ on a Sunday morning.

So I know I am a good mom...because I love my children and all my fussing and correcting is done out of love and biblically....and for their own good.......but some days I really feel like I am getting no where fast.


Mrs. Em said...

While I just have one, I have that constant feeling as well. My shining moment of knowing that I must be doing okay came a few weeks ago when the two of us were walking out of the base clinic. Noah looked up at two Marines who were passing by and said, "Good Morning, Sir." My heart just swelled!!

You ARE doing a good job, Jill. Have no doubt about that at all.

Miss Hope said...

I constantly feel like I'm in over my head with my three. My oldest has made me doubt my sanity so many times, it's not even funny.

Yet I hang in there. The good moments we do have? Make the bad ones just disappear.