Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thursday nights......

The Zman making his cupcake cones:) I am super duper tired...had a great week at work....for real...God is good!

BUT we have one home project due tomorrow that involves baking cupcakes in ice cream cones....I WAS prepared. Monday Zman and I did the shopping for the project in the commi. He had to make a dish to share with his class for under $5. So we bought ice cream cones, frosting, and cake mix. We didn't need to buy eggs and oil because we HAD plenty at home.

So I pop over to Longs after work....which I was late leaving because we had a parent run late to buy a poster board and then over to Foodland for things that Britt needed for a cheer event tomorrow. Now, I am riiipppppeeedddd with the whole cheer thing right now...not at my daughter but at the disorganized having to buy goodies that they just told her today she needed did not make me feel cheertastic....but this post is not about that...maybe tomorrow!

I get home and we get inside. Zman has to wash his hands and I have to find the camera....which I put somewhere I know I would be able to find it...but someone who doesn't own the camera put it somewhere else.

After locating the camera and receiving a less than intelligent look from the offending child helping themselves to my things I go in the kitchen to get all the stuff out to make the find that someone used two of the eggs AND put the egg shells back in the carton AND put the carton back in the fridge. Do I even have to state how hot I was......anyway Zman runs to Mr Steve the neighbor and gets some eggs.

So now I am sitting here typing thinking about eating ice cream for dinner Again this week! I do my best to plan ahead and have everything ready for the week....why are there forces that work against me. I really really really want to be the put together mom and be cheerhappilicious .....and enjoy life with my kids but between disorganized coaches and egg eating children my best intentions are foiled once again!

Thursdays suck!


Mellie said...

ooh, I know another blog is coming up about cheerleading coaches. So how did the cupcakes turn out? They sounds super cute!

Jill AKA busymom said...

Mellie...I put the picture of Zman up just for you wouldn't miss him that much! LOL

Miss Hope said...

That looks like a good project! Carla and I are planning our summer to keep six kids from being bored. You'd think we were planning a country take over!

Am I a bad Mom because I was secretly glad my daughter didn't make the cheer team?