Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Asian Chicken Salad

Here in Ewa Beach there is no such thing as "fast food" and we have learned to deal with it....most of the time.

Since I am attemping to lose weight I had determined that I wanted an Asian Chicken salad. I had craved one the whole week before, but was not driving to Kapolei Jack n the Box to get one. I discovered by accident Saturday morning that McDonalds carries an Asian Chicken Salad.

So, Monday I cruise through the Mcd's drive through and order an Asian Chicken Salad. (now mind you that this is the same Mcd's that NEVER in the six year history of my business partner living in Ewa has gotten her order correct AND the same one that extra extra extra extra extra ice means two extra ice cubes in your drink) First, they asked me at the squak box what kind of dressing did I want...ummm...the one that comes with the Asian chicken salad...and I drive up to the payment window and move on to the food window. Again, I am asked what kind of dressing I want? I replied, "The one that comes with the Asian Chicken salad." Would you like Ranch.....NO I would like Asian Chicken salad dressing..the one that makes it AN ASIAN CHICKEN SALAD!!!! We don't have any was her reply....would you like ranch?! NO I want the ginger dressing. She didn't know what to do with me so she walked away and got the manager. Who informed me they were out of the ginger dressing, would I like another kind of dressing.......NO! Then she asked what I reply was...My money back!

This is my point............WHY would you even sell an Asian Chicken Salad if you did not have the dressing that makes it AN ASIAN CHICKEN salad?

So as I am ranting and raving my good friend whom I am on the phone with is googling all the fast food restuarants in Ewa trying to find one that sells Asian Chicken Salads...what a good friend she is.....but to no avail....there were none!

So I had to wait for my Asian Chicken Salad................................

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Mellie said...

but if you want a crispy chicken salad, I can definitely point you in the right direction!