Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Time Is Standing Still!!!!!!!

I just know it is. Today is only Tuesday of week (shhhh...can't tell you) that Rick will be gone...ONLY Tuesday...how ridiculous is that?!? I have had pregnancies that have gone faster than this deployment!

I know I complain about being too busy....but I think it may be a good thing. It keeps me focused on just getting through this week...OK Jill.....you just have to make to Sunday afternoon and then Children's Ministry Grad and the parties will be over. OK You just have to make it until Memorial Day and you can sleep in....OK you just have to make it until your flight leaves......get the picture. If I didn't have to just get through all those things I might just look at the big picture and know exactly how much time is left in this deployment.

Have I shared this little tidbit...........hmm...how shall I put it? So...what had happened was .......just before Rick left I had my hysterectomy...so do you know what that means...do you know what it REALLY means? It means I that Rick and I have not "opened presents" (pay attention now so you'll KNOW what I am talking about) for two weeks longer than the rest of the crew and their wives...do you get what I'm saying?

AND according to a fellow hysterectomy sister the hysterectomy makes you want to "open presents" more often....so could that be the reason for my uncustomary grouchiness?

I believe it may.........


Mellie said...

it might not be the only reason, but oh yes, I do concur that it's definitely a valid reason (this coming from a fellow hysterectomy sister who hasn't opened presents recently either).

Amaris's Mom said...

Yes, My present is here with me. But it's to painful to open. Sometime I just want that present to stay his side of the bed.