Thursday, January 29, 2009

I DO Have My Big Girl Panties on...I DO

I have never been what the Sub force calls a "My wife she problem", I have never whined and complained about DH's line of work, and I ALWAYS have my big girl panties on....I think they just might be giving me a wedgie today:)

If you read several of the prior posts you know that Zach has been sick and that I took him to the ER in the wee hours of Monday morning. They looked at him(barely) and declared that he had a virus and sent us home with Motrin and Tylenol. Only they didn't work and he continued to have a fever, refused to eat, and has been lethargic (so unlike him).

So, I tried to make an appointment for today, yesterday (did you get that?) They told me that I had to call back this morning and ask for a same day appointment. Which I did at 630 this morning and God had mercy on me because I did not have to wait on hold at all...that is a miracle my friends. I got him an appointment at 1120.

Let me back track a bit and say that my three other children all had brain cramps this morning....all three of them and the bus. I told Becca three times that there was two dollars in my wallet for her to take the bus. Why doesn't she just use her bus pass you ask? Well because she lost it less than 24 hours after I bought it. So about 520am she calls me to ask me if I can get out of bed after being up with her sick brother all night and bring her bus money because I forgot to give it to her...ummmm NO! So she had to run all the way back to the house to get bus money and by some miracle of miracles they made it school in time.

Next comes Britt. She comes and asks if I have a dollar because she missed her bus and she needs to take the city bus...ummm NO your sister took all the ones I had in my purse! I told her she needed to wait until I got up and got ready to take her brother to the doctor. So we dropped her off on our way.

We get to Tripler and drive around for 45 find a parking spot...45 minutes. So we get in there and get in to see the doctor right away...another miracle. She listens to his lungs and asks me why the ER did not do a chest xray...ummm don't should ask them. So she sends us down to have a chest xray and said she would call me with the results at home later.

Let me jut say at this point I knew he had pneumonia...don't ask me how...I just knew. Just like I knew Britts nose was broken, her knee was fractured, and Becca's numerous fractures and sprains were real.

So when she called me and told me that it was pneumonia I almost see I have been well aware of the fact that today is Rick's Birthday and I was cool with it...but then when she told me he had pneumonia I kind of wavered...I cannot tell a lie I had a tiny pitty party...

Enough of a pitty party that when the pharmacy clerk at Makalpa tried to tell me that she couldn't find his prescription after I drove all the way from Ewa to Pearl...that I pulled the myhusbandisdeployedIhavebeenupfordaysandifyoudon'tfindtheprescriptionaseniorchiefswifewillmaterializebeforeyoureyes fit! I am not proud of it...but like I said I think my big girl panties were giving me a wedgie!


Miss Hope said...

Oh, J. You know my "Mama who has a husband gone and if you don't work with me because my nerves are raw and I might break down in front of you and go crazy" 's heart goes out to you. I'll be praying for you and your sick baby. Hang in there!!!

Mellie said...

I take it they did find your prescription because I haven't heard you placed in the brig or anything. I'm sorry he's gotten so sick, but I hope the meds get him right as rain soon.

Melissa said...

Aww Jill *big huggs*
but sort of reminds me of when I broke down and cried...bawled in Walmart because they sold something I called ahead for.
It's funny what happens when a little thing hits that last nerve...
Get Well kiddo