Thursday, January 15, 2009

Please Please Please

I am super tired, it has been a very long week...which is yet to be over, all the schools in the state are closed, I am waiting for my job to wake up and smell the coffee and tell us we don't have to come to work tomorrow because of the impending wind storm, AND I my kids are on a super high because they have no school tomorrow and they are bouncing off the walls. I just want them to eat in silence ...without arguing and nonsense.....I can't take it anymore.

By the way mel that long run on sentence was for the grammar nazi in you:)

They are sitting at the table making up songs using a loud swallowing noise in their throats as the they argue about whose song or tome is better....because they all sound great.
The good news is that dad will be home very soon and he can deal with the nonsense and I am going to bed.


Miss Hope said...

Mel is grammar police, too? Awe, man. I am so sunk with my writing. LOL

Mellie said...

you know if I hadn't talked to you that day and given you grief because you talked in a really long run on sentence then too, then I'd be giving you grief now for that long run on sentence (how was that for a long run on sentence?)