Tuesday, January 6, 2009

There's no room in my head for....

A coherent thought:) My head is so full of snot I cannot even think straight! I went to Walmart and got all the things needed for Wednesday night Bible study and Zach's camping trip. When I walked out I couldn't find my sun glasses. At this point my head hurt so bad I started to cry..I was also crying because i finally found a pair of sunglasses I liked and they were gone.

So I come home and bring everything in the house, help Zach pack his bag for camp and put around the house. I look over and there are my sunglasses on the end table....how on the earth did they get on the end table? I know I took them and I know I wore them all day...up until Wallymart. My only guess is that they fell in the bag of stuff I bought or by gigantic purse.

Anyway...so I got two pieces of really good news today...one is that they are going to diversify my position at work. What I think this means (from what I can gather) is that because we just got a new contract to train a certain organization and I am already a qualified trainer, that they will be adding training to my duties...which means I get to teach grown ups all day...how to teach little people:)

The other piece is concerning my tuition. You see I was not the model student this summer I dropped two classes half way through because there was just too much on my plate and I was tired. Dropping half way through means you have to pay for the whole course. Well, because of that it meant in order to receive my diploma I would have to pay for my remaining class...to the tune of $750. But today I was on SWC and there was a wife on there saying that she just started her first class with the school I am going to and the tuition with the military grant was only $12 a credit...that seemed a bit off to me, so I called to make sure. Unfortunately, that was not the case...BUT we did find out that my military spouses grants had not been applied to the last 6 months of school and they had to make an adjustment...which was just enough to cover my last class:)

Right now, I am sitting on the couch trying to breath and wiping my runny nose nonstop...why you aske? Well because my office is the coldest office on earth:) Even the girls who came back to my area agree that it is much colder back there than anywhere else. I was so cold yesterday that I swear my blood was cold. So today I was armed with socks, a sweatshirt, and my heating pad..I was not going to be cold today:)

Well, i am off to sneeze and take some nyquil:)

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