Friday, January 9, 2009

Orders Update.....

Getting orders has always been a little stressful....only because Rick goes back and forth, talks to this one and that one, and I just want an answer:)

So last night he came home and told me the detailer locked his orders in and he won't be dropping his fleet reserve chit and retiring in August. Phew....I'm not sure we are ready to go cold turkey like that!

He got the orders he wants and he will be able to go to school and finish his degree. I am trying to talk him into a BS in nursing with a minor in psychology, so that he has options when looking for a job when he does get out.

The bad news is that because he is going to shore we lose sea pay, and because he not obliserving we will not be getting sub pay...gulp....for the first time in 19 years, and since he is not filling an ANAV billet we will lose that propay I will be paying off bills like crazy for the next several months. He says its a good thing...kind of easing us into living like civilians. Let me tell you I don't like civilian math!

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Mellie said...

I'm not real big on civilian math either. I'm glad he was able to get the orders locked in. Yes, I have to catch've been a blogging queen and I've just gotten my computer online finally!