Thursday, January 22, 2009

Traveling Tuesday......

Yes, I am aware that it is Thursday and I am just getting to Tuesdays Blog....But it has been crazy in the Kingdom this week and the forecast promises that its going to stay that way.

So in my travels this week, I have encountered so interesting things, as well as some of the usual Cr**, and made a new discovery:)

Interesting things.....well I have discovered that people cannot read street signs and if they read them they cannot follow them. For example a yield sign does not mean that you automatically get to push your way in front of me in traffic.....what it means is that you have to wait and yield to oncoming traffic...I think I should give a class on such simple driving rules:)

Same old bs: As I dropped Rick off at work at o'dark thirty this morning (he won't need his car after today) I stopped at the shoppette to get some much needed coffee and I ran into one of my old co-workers. We worked together at the CDC. The second question out of her mouth after she asked where I was working was, "What rank is your husband, now?"

This has always been an issue for her. When I first started working at the CDC I didn't tell anyone my husbands rank....for good reason...its none of their business:) So this co-worker was always going around making it a point to tell everyone what her husbands rank was, mostly because I think she was sure her husband outranked mine, because they were older than us... a lot older. I never told her mine outranked hers by two paygrades...NEVER. It wasn't until my husband stopped by in his uniform to have lunch with me that she figured it out. Then she had a snippy little attitude.

She was not the only one at that job. I had several parents who my husband out ranked but because their husbands were Chiefs and they were slightly older than me, they assumed theirs out ranked mine...I just let them throw the attitude and the snobbiness around the preschool....whatever. I'll never forget the look on one of the spouses faces when she saw my husband and I at the sub was hilarious...she so wanted to be my friend after bad honey I do not play that game:)

Moving on to my discovery:) I have discovered that I like to sleep a little later in Wednesday mornings and drive into work when there is less traffic, because I teach a class until 9pm on Tuesday nights. So I did just that, my dilemma came in when I was trying to figure out how I was going to get back into Ewa and get my kids to get back to church on time for Wednesday night service.(Because if I start late I get off late) Then it hit me, it is a 45 minute drive down Ft Weaver Rd in traffic, while if my kids take the bus going the opposite way of traffic to get to church it takes them only 15 minutes. So from now on I will go to work later on Wednesday and all four of them will take the bus together and meet me at church,saving me the hassle and headache of driving in traffic, just to turn around and go right back down the same road:)

Thats it for Traveling Tuesday this week:)


Anonymous said...

Rank ceases to be an issue among us attachments to social security numbers as we hit the big E8 or E9 and O4 -- and definitely command at O5 ... because at this point all we really think about is whether or not we should get retin-A. Heck, none of us look good in bikinis anymore so what's the point??? Those of us who were teens in the 80s need to stick together, regardless of what our husbands do. We don't have a lot of people left to talk to!

- from that old babe in NevaLand

Miss Hope said...

I could hardly care about rank. That tickles my husband because I don't care if there's an O or and E in front of your number. I talk with whoever whenever.

I may not have started this walk at a young age...well, the young age of 32! LOL But, I sure would like to join the ranks of those who were teens in the 80's!!!