Sunday, January 25, 2009

Where is my Tiara?

Tomorrow is our big Children's Ministry "Cultural Celebration" and the teachers or Dream Coaches as we call ourselves (long story) are representing include "There She is Ms America"...with tiara's and sashes.

So as we were trying to get all of the states represented I asked Britt if she would like to represent a state, I got the usual noncommittal teenager answer. So yesterday when I was buying 23 tiara's @ $3.50 a piece I was not buying one for anyone who had not committed.

Tonight as Shalei and I labored over sewing the sashes, cutting out the letters, and gluing them on...Britt got down right offended because there was no tiara for her. She actually made the statement, "If you would have told me that I was going to be wearing a tiara I would have said yes!" Is that so princess?!?!?!

Melissa I know you feel my pain...Jenn take heed this will someday be your dilemma!!!

Then she proceeded to attempt to goad me into arguing about everything from dating to what she was going to be allowed to wear to church tomorrow. She was none to happy when I told her that her breasts did not to receive their own salvation and that they will go to heaven with the rest of her body...and that there was no need for them to be SO present at church and that she needed to find a top that would contain them properly.....

So my dear.....I would like to tell you where I would like to put your tiara!!!!!!!


Melissa said...

ROTFLOL@ the brast and salvation
Aww come on Jill everyone else is allowed to go to church half nekkid?!You have nerve to care*roll eyes*
Ahh the wonderful experience of raising teenage you the warm and fuzzies......

Miss Hope said...

At this moment, my oldest is so modest that I don't have to worry about her ...uh.....ta ta salvation. My middle girl? That one is going to have me on my knees, I fear.