Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Traveling Tuesday...

So the only place I went yesterday was to teach my class, because Zach was sick and I couldn't go to work during the day.

Not much was going on, on the road yesterday at 9pm when I came home. But today, I had to run out and get him more medicine because the poor guy is as sick as a dog still, if he doesn't get better I will have to take him into peds tomorrow.

Anyway, there is construction on Fort Weaver Road. Now for those of you who have never been to Hawaii or have never ventured out that far in Hawaii...Ft Weaver Road is the one road in and out of Ewa way in and one way out. They are currently working on other ways in and out, but for the most part this is our only option. So we start at the off ramp to the hwy with four lanes, one of those lanes goes back on the hwy, and another is an exit to get off Fort Weaver. So as you come over the bridge there are two lanes, just pass the bridge it looks like it opens up to four lanes...but they trick really doesn't. One of those lanes turns right into the hospital, and the other one merges into the lane next to it.

So...I come over the bridge and they are merging all the lanes into one lane...except the hospital come some of the donkeys who drive out here think it is ok to turn right into the hospital, turn around in the middle of the road (blocking those coming out of the hospital) and then turn right back onto Ft Weaver, by passing all the traffic?

Who do they think they are that they should be given an express lane and permission to do what ever they please? So, of course that lane that they turn into has to merge into the lane of people that just waited patiently for their turn to come across the you think that there is a snowballs chance in hell that they are going to let those special people who just cut in front of everyone into their guessed it...NO WAY!!!

So it makes for very entertaining driving to see these hot shots try to cut into the lane of law abiding citizens who have been waiting their turn. I mean can they really think that they are entitled to special treatment while the rest of us have to wait? What makes them so special that they should not have to wait in line?

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Mellie said...

It's the specialness of those Ewa Beach folks.