Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sunday Afternoon....

I am stilling on the chair waiting for Rick to get home from church so we can have lunch together. He had to stay even later than me to do Deacon stuff, so for the first time in a long time I have beaten him home.

Life is kind of crazy right now:) The year just ended so I have just completed all of my end of the year reports for church and I have to change everything over to 2009so I can accurately record 2009 so when the time comes I will be ready to close that year out:)

The Children's Ministry is also putting on a production called A Cultural Celebration, where each class is presenting a cultural or country, some facts about the country, and a christian praise song/dance in that countries language. It is amazing what three and four year olds can absorb...they are amazing:) All of this requires hours of practicing and behind the scenes work. Ms Fran is heading this production and I am her wing man:)That's just how we roll:) The teachers have really taken all of their classes to another level and I appreciate all of them:)

While VBS is 6 months away...we are heading into our crucial planning stages and that will require a lot of my attention once we complete this production. Our theme this year is Crocodile Dock....a swamp seems like it will be interesting:)

The beginning of the year also brings three other ministries that I work with, which are also in the planning stages of the years events....Meeting meeting and planning fill my days.

However, I am excited by the possibilities that this year holds for ministry:)

The family is just as busy:) Britt is applying for college and filling ut scholarship applications: She cut her hair and as soon as I get a chance I will download the pictures.....she cut it as short as mine...she looks like me...all grown up *sigh*

The three older ones are off of school until Jan they have some more downtime. Zach goes back tomorrow and is excited about his camping trip ..two nights this week with his class. I am going to miss him:)

Rick is back to work and a really awesome job came his way this past week..he is checking into it to see if he can swing it. It pays more than he is currently making which is cool because we thought he would take a pay cut when he retired...but this one would be an increase...isn't that just like God. So we are being prayerful and considering what we need to do. If he gets the job...he will be out of the navy by Sept 1. Not to sure how I feel about this....

You see we have friends who retired about two years ago and they are still trying to adjust to it all. He has had trouble going from being a chief who gets respect because he's a chief and the notoriety and privileges that come with khaki' a civilian who nobody recognizes. I am sure some of you will not understand and will have your stank opinions of this but to you I say....until you have walked a step in khaki's SHOOSH your mouth:)

Chiefs are recognized and given privileges because of the accomplishment of making all of them deserve to wear khaki's..probably not. But the ones who do far out number the ones who don't Anyway, to go from being in charge and running the show, being recognized and getting favor because of your title to not having those perks can be and is a major life change. My husband has worked long and hard to make it to where he is and I am super proud of him. He has made quite a reputation for himself and enjoys his position in life. I am sure he will have some trials with the transition. That is my concern on the upcoming retirement:)

Time for lunch:)


Kat said...

I understand about the khakis. My sister and her husband are both retired khakis. My sister a Chief and my bother-in-law a Master Chief. Good luck to your husband with the job.

Miss Hope said...

You know I know how you feel, Sister. I told Fred to keep wearing khaki pants with golf shirts if it made him feel better. I know it's not funny...but I wish I could wave a magic wand and make the transition easier for him. I just know he's going to have a hard least a little while.

Mellie said...

I'm so missing seeing the children - oh please oh please try to get a tape of the cultural celebration - I'll beg Sheila if it will help! And don't you just know that I would have been a huge help with this year's VBS. after all, I was Miss Swamp Fox, dontcha know!?
The khaki thing - I don't know that it will be that big of a deal to Trent, thankfully. But I think that has more to do with the stuff he had to deal with his last two years. He cringed when the gate guard called him Chief the other day. I hate that he went out like he did, but at least our transition is easier because of it.