Friday, January 23, 2009

Freaky Friday......`

#649 Being a mom means reading your child's MYSpace page daily, because that's how you learn what's really going on(Taken from 1001 Things it Means to be a Mom, by Harry Harrison Jr)

This is the truth, I don't care what anyone says. I mean I don't stalk my girls pages, but I visit a couple of times a week and when I am led to do so, more.

Many may argue (and those that do, probably do not have teenage daughters...they are most likely just past their own teenage years....) that it is an invasion of their privacy. Well, when you live under my roof privacy is a privilege, not a right. AND as a parent in today's world I can and will use all tools available to me to ensure that my children are safe and keeping on track.

So, back to the myspace.....yes, I check Britt's and I check both of their facebooks...but not in a lurky kind of way. I trust my daughters and they really don't have anything to hide. I just cruise through there to make sure that all is in order and really to see what's really going on in their lives. Sometimes, when you ask them how their day was and you get the one word answers because they think you really won't understand have to dig a little deeper:)

Now Josh, he doesn't even have one...too many possible issues there:)

So call me a mean mom or whatever:)


Melissa said...

Ahh my firend
yeh I have the passwords, I read them daily...Allyn lost his.Maybe he will get his back one day.My motto is that they have all their adult life for privacy.Giod entrusted us with them, and we do all we can to PROTECT them, by any means necessary.Most of the times are the comments left by others.Sometimes I feel like I am on the crazy mother with teens island by myself....:)...soooo happy to have company

Miss Hope said...

I have no shame in checking out my teenager's myspace and whatever else I feel necessary. When she is grown and gone out our home, she can have her privacy and even then I can't promise I won't call to see if she's okay.