Friday, January 23, 2009

Thankful Thursday....

I am catching up:)

I am thankful this week for.....

My husband...he always wants the best for me and truly has set out to take care of me in life and I appreciate all of his efforts and love:) He is swimming 20,000 leagues under the sea right now and my prayers for him are numerous and constant...this trip is going to be a stressful one for usually comes once a year and he hates it....but prayerfully this is the last time he will ever have to do it:) Another thing to be thankful for:)

Brittany....she may be a moody senior who cannot wait to move on to the next phase in life, but she is a great help to me. She gets Zman up for school and out the door every morning and this week, she got her brothers and sister out the door and on the bus to go to church Wednesday night..thanks Britt.....words cannot express how much I appreciate you and will miss you when you leave in 5 months:)

Joshua has turned into quite the young man....he really wants football to be his much so that after we got his report card last night, gave the appropriate lecture for the science grade, he buckled down and studied all night:) God has great things for you Joshua:)

Today is Becca's birthday she is 13...where did my baby girl go? She is 5 months (smile) from being ready for High school. Becca I am thankful for your zest for life and your refusal to allow people to put you in a box and be anything less than what God has ordained you to be:)

Zman is home sick today:( I am thankful not that he is sick, but that he is still mommas boy enough to climb up on the couch and cuddle with me when the chips are down:)

I am thankful for my job..I reallllyyyy love it. I am passionate about Early Childhood and teaching....and now they have added a military family support opportunity in there and I love it:) I also am blessed to work with a great bunch of

I am super duper thankful and blessed by children's ministry. This group of people is amazing:) We are getting ready for our big production Sunday and they have all worked so hard to be part of making it happen. The way we think a like and move in the same direction with the same thought with no communication is amazing and can only be credited to God:)

I am thankful:)

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Melissa said...

I hear you Jill...beautiful family, Loving husband...a blessed woman of God.
Nay Nay is growing up, she reminds me of my Cerah....there is no box to fit them in.